11 FUNNY FOOD HACKS ! Funny Tricks & DIY Ideas by Crafty Panda


Have you ever thought of an idea that seemed too silly to be true? Well, we are always here to test even the craziest of life hacks! Tired of your fingers getting all sticky from eating chicken? Try using hair clippers instead! Have some leftover popcorn that didn’t pop? Why not use a simple hair straightener hack for that?! Stay tuned for all of these and many more cool and silly food hacks!

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00:00 Eat Chicken With Hair Clippers
00:55 Fresh Chips
01:32 Wrap Plates
02:11 Chopstick Blender
03:11 Hair Straightener Popcorn
04:14 Sandwich Ham Fill
04:51 Toaster Taco
05:28 Garlic Skin Removal
07:07 Magnetic Bottle Holder
08:08 Salad Spinner
09:15 Fork Shrimp Peeling

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