11-Year-Old UNSTOPPABLE Football Stud


11-year-old Colton Smith is an all around STUD, both on the football field and in the classroom!


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  1. Whistle says

    COMMENT with a sports prodigy we NEED to feature! Wanna chat more No Days Off? Text us at 917-905-9069! ?

  2. XTHill X says

    I think what separates colton is his rich parents

  3. Unknown Switch Player says

    Okay tho where I live we stop flag football at 6 and 7 years old

  4. Colton Beckman says

    Hello brother

  5. Jake Waters says

    He is focused on his hair not football

  6. Matt V says

    Wait until he’s in high school and he’s just another average player on the team

  7. Smoke Airsoft says

    Just wait till he plays tackle he’ll get smacked

  8. Kevin Brass says

    Can someone please tell me why his parents are already talking about collage and and NFL when he is only 11 I’m 15 going on 16 and I still don’t know wtf

  9. orlan stewart says

    Y’all Doing No Days Off On RBs And WRs But You’re Forgetting Quarterbacks

  10. Ace Hardware Worker says

    6:10 you should here this kid cursing

  11. RimRunFL says

    He’s good but I don’t think he should be on no days off because there are way better kids out there

  12. Noob Shotz says

    Kid: gets a tackleWhistle: UNSTOPPABLE FOOTBALL PLAYER

  13. Clancy Fowler says

    Not him

  14. Clancy Fowler says

    He’s a wimp he plays flag and thinks he’s cool Bc he weres two different colors cleats and his parents talks him up.

  15. JaCk C says

    Run it straight

  16. ItzKraazy says

    Me: One time I sold coke in GTA 5 Whistle : Next El Chapo

  17. Vxlilninja 2608 says


  18. Mr_ChaosYt says

    He isn’t that good

  19. Austin Stern says

    His parents seem like the type of people to get into physical fights with people every time he trips

  20. Kira Morisue-Lesser says

    Why is everyone hating on this kid?

  21. Bryan TheCEO says

    That's my dude!!! Colton is ???

  22. Edward T says

    He’s good but his mom brags on him too much

  23. Zay Martinez says

    The mom knows nothing about how baseball players and school works. Most kids that get drafted out of high school are ahead ??‍♂️

  24. Johnny dog says

    um um no. the title should be “Flag Football player that is way over hyped”

  25. BJ GAMING says

    Dude he's 11 I'm 10 he looks about 5"1 and I'm 4"11 and I played wr and LB tackle football I had 23 receptions out of 27 but I believe I can lock him up 31 tackle and 1 int 3 fumble recovery

  26. Leyton Monroe says

    Why like why do you have to call it a craft it’s a freaking SPORT lady…..SPORT

  27. Morgan Inman says

    Morgan Inman

  28. Ryan Hockman says

    I know a lot o kids who r WAY better than him

  29. Peyton Walcott says

    Just cause a rich white kid is fast doesn’t make them a prodigy.

  30. bo mcmillen says

    This kid goes: I saw a video of a brain surgery and it looked fun???

  31. Ic2k_lying8 says

    Why do you play football with extra training just to want to be a brain surgeon

  32. Carlos Tompo says

    Kids rich and athletic he’s not a prodigy

  33. Jeff Da goat says

    This dude thinks that running up a hill is so hard I do it all the time and don’t struggle at all

  34. Connor O says

    How much do you want to bet we never hear of this kid again

  35. BennettBoyZ Fishing&Sports says

    When is everybody going to realize that flag football isn't a sport. It is just for sissies who play to say "I play football" and not for the game itself.

  36. Mexican Mamba says

    Bruh I was just as athletic in the 4th grade played 4 sports carried all my teams, faster had straight A's, perfect attendance, and my reading skills were at a 7th grade level. These rich entitled white kids are pissing me off.

  37. Fishy says

    Has some Bs in 5th grade, IMA GONNA BE A BRAIN SURGEON. Does this kid know how many people have straight As in 5th great

  38. Cash Andrew-Herrmann says

    This was cringe, this kids rich mom is so stupid and this kid isn’t even good

  39. Coco The dog says

    Should of put flag football and I wouldn't have pressed on the vid??‍♂️

  40. Snoop Pace says

    Next Christian McCaffrey

  41. MjK k says

    Boy…, the first time he gets laid out in pads his mom will pull him out

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