12 Minutes of Soccer Football TikToks!


12 Minutes of Soccer Football TikToks!

Funny TikTok memes about soccer girls, football stereotypes, goalkeepers and much more!

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Featured in this video:
– Albjmo:
– OussiFooty:
– Elliot Giles:
– Kyle Kehoe:
– Ralf Molotokas:
– FootBBrus:
– KevinFooty:
– Sam Smits:
– Mark Kuz:
– JSSoccer:
– PowerAndPrecision:
– Tik Ballerz:
– SoufSkills:
– SFT Football:
– Laura Wrann:
– MigiKicks:
– Gino Boscia:

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  1. SKILLER says

    Your support has been CRAZY lately! Thanks so much. ?Please subscribe to SKILLER for many more sick videos in the future!

  2. tameeka green says

    I would like to meet Ronaldo

  3. Dark Dude says

    Video: like if you can do thisLikes: 3.4kMe: I don't know how 🙁

  4. Sod-Amur Margad-Erdene says

    Marceli made me sad ?

  5. Bruno Soria says

    5:12 song??

  6. Namandla Zikalala says

    I would like to meet cristiano Ronaldo the goat

  7. Udham Singh says

    Toughest breakup in history messi and neymar

  8. Quynn Travaglia says

    10:22 Flexing those earpods not gonna lie

  9. Foluke Akinbule says

    When I wake up then I realized that I'm a Sunderland fan?

  10. Callum on 60fps says

    In the first one what is the music called

  11. Error league says

    One day I want to meet Messi and the other Barca players

  12. DK Gaming says

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song at 3:45I subscribed turned on notifications and liked

  13. YoUr BiGgEsT NiGhTmArE says

    Skiller:Imagine if everyone who loves football subscribed to skillerPewdiepie and t series: why do we hear boss music

  14. Yasx7 Yasx7 says

    people in tiktok should do 'things to do while pogba is taking a penalty hahha

  15. N show says

    10 ou of 10

  16. Kenneth Walker says

    I would love to see Gabriel martinelli he is my dream player to meet

  17. Cammy09 Hendry says

    I don’t want to meet anyone because I met Steve Gerrard

  18. colin mullen says

    4:22 :I think we can all agree.

  19. Brett Andrews says

    Me when I see my friend before a game.☺ Me when I realize we are playing each other and the winner gets bragging rights.?

  20. Harry McKenna says

    Phil Jones: well I saved it with my head

  21. Θανασης Μερκουρης says

    I want to meet Frenkie De Jong

  22. ZACARY MONROY says

    Right now is Eli’s or Messi originals is van dad sar

  23. Ronaldo Junior says


  24. Laichei Fachhai says


  25. Kiko Meuseuku says

    2:46 9 touches

  26. Jose Monterrosa says

    1:05 messi

  27. Jarrod Collins says

    8:38 had my jaw hanging ?

  28. YEO MINGWEI, LEONARD 4E-2020 says

    2:40 clear an open goal

  29. Obi Wan Kenobi says

    4:50 you shouldve hit it over the bar with a argentina jersey

  30. Ultimate Sloops says


  31. Jad COIRA says

    good job

  32. MARIAN Walls says

    I'd like to meet Sergio Ramos or Mohamed Salah

  33. Kieran Fooking Tierney says

    2:21 Anybody know what the name of the song is?

  34. Shoto Todoroki says

    Skillet is the best

  35. Hot-Shot Burn says

    When the part of when they show u the father LIONEL Messi mum football lady grandpa David be jam and uncle KDB and I was like and the enemy of the uncle Tibo Courtois

  36. Rashmi Bhat says

    2:50 8

  37. Ehsan Anakwue says


  38. Cute Potato says

    Hey skiller i have a big foreheadSo can i get a heart

  39. Thommelom says

    10:40, Rooney

  40. Imvu Lisa says


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