12 Ways to Sneak Snacks into the Movies!


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Going to the Movies and want to take snacks with you? Then watch the new video! In it we will show you how to do it!

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  1. Juwella Melfor says

    ok i se how you guys are laiyen jake theet is not broken he painted hestheet wen he swet hes moht startswadering lair im not wachen yourvideo agen

  2. Ирина Иванова says

    А почему все по аннлиски

  3. Midnight Mercury says

    New name idea: How to break into the movies and sneak in candy cause it’s closed

  4. Black soul says

    I swear in Britain your allowed to take food in the cinema cause whenever me and my family went we just put it in and bag and it was fine.

  5. Ruby Heywood says

    When that lady was pouring chips there was a guy that was staring at her.


    What A Mean securty guard

  7. Lianne Besa says

    Ha ????????????????????hahahahahahahahahahhahahhahaa

  8. KF - 07LA - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104) says

    I saw this kinda of video at collins yt channel :/ idk but this people mayy have there own ideas???

  9. Dr. Hannah Grace G 50199 says

    super ideas

  10. Hunter Slawson says

    The giant popcorn

  11. Mohamaad Majed says

    اللهم صلى وسلم على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وأصحابه أجمعين

  12. Ibrahim Nawed says


  13. Anh Tuấn Nguyễn says

    J love. You

  14. Paulanthony Juarez says


  15. Hi Hi :P says

    What a waste of good snacks..

  16. DaniellaKara Squad says

    Will try them after quarantine???

  17. DaniellaKara Squad says

    Nice ideas ?!

  18. Sarah McCullough says

    I’m the queen okay so. You have been in my life for years now

  19. Oshad Bent says

    The man's face

  20. Joshua Kallon says


  21. WaterBottle Blue says

    who else remembers preston before 10 mil

  22. Kennedi Person says

    Leave Jake alone

  23. Joshua Trahan CV g r says

    when she just hid the candy ? in her skirt =_= me BRUH SHE CAN SEE IT

  24. Julius Official Channel says


  25. Ethan Lee says

    U are going to regret this!! Ms. Security

  26. irene mbula says

    Hi you can just bring a bag and put your snacks or put it in a paper bag or take popcorn or a soda drink soda

  27. Danielle Bushby says

    indon't like your vid

  28. Yenifer Diaz says

    That all fake

  29. Luciana Poveda says


  30. Rj Caver says


  31. Fire_wallYT says


  32. SURAYA RATTRI says

    Man you just put some packet of snaks in an oven and it became an actual vandy

  33. Debra Adhibrata says

    You know there are cameras in the cinema

  34. Nicholas Hall says

    Life hack for y’all don’t do this just get yo backpack put all yo candy in the movie pepole won check yo backpack life hack

  35. iD0l k0 Si iNSECTI0N says

    The thumbnail got me

  36. Jumb0 WasTaken says

    This is disgusting. I specifically mean the dab part.

  37. Ivy hager says

    Hi there I’m just leaving work now just

  38. Michael Zotti says

    Game master is good

  39. Syd Playz Games says


  40. Syd Playz Games says

    Haha funney

  41. Rachel Idasetima says

    2:51 what just happened?!

  42. meno mejia says

    6jhho oh GB

  43. NETCo Burco says


  44. mumtarin mumu says

    Please this more video and l am from Bangladesh

  45. Mark Tan says

    Is that super tonys narrator?

  46. Suzie Ashley Borromeo says

    giant popcorn i' m a popcorn lover

  47. meme thang says

    This is creepy af.

  48. Kaider Bugz says

    This is dumb!

  49. Erin Lucano says

    Security guards do not do that so stop acting dumb

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