13 iOS 13 iPhone Battery Tips: Best Settings To Turn On & Off


Apple experts David & David tell you about thirteen iOS 13 battery tips that will extend your iPhone’s battery life! When you update your iPhone, some settings that you had previously changed might get turned on again. Even if you’ve watched our previous battery videos, it’s a good idea to take a second look at these settings again and make sure your iPhone is optimized.

0:28 Turn Off iPhone, Watch, and iCloud Analytics
1:01 Turn Off Unnecessary Location Services
1:38 Turn Off Share My Location
1:49 Turn Off Unnecessary System Services
2:56 Turn Off Significant Locations
3:09 Turn Off Unused Widgets
3:58 Turn Off Unnecessary Background App Refresh
4:44 Turn On Optimized Battery Charging
5:29 Switch Mail From Push To Fetch
6:18 Make Sure Auto-Lock Is On
7:01 Turn On Reduce Motion
7:39 Turn Off Your iPhone Once A Week
7:53 Turn On Low Power Mode
8:08 Close Out Of Your Apps
8:45 Put Your iPhone In DFU Mode

Put Your iPhone In DFU Mode:

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  1. h4x0rl33tee says

    Brilliant tutorial thanks guys

  2. cubano says

    So charge it till 75 don’t let it get to 80?

  3. Jennifer says

    Is it bad to power off my phone every night and then turn it on in the morning

  4. Angela Lindemann says

    Thanks Guys!!!

  5. tek vento says

    i changed my iphone 6s battery, but after that it always shutdown or re starting every time i use it… when im using it just a minute and it shutsdown or re starting… how to fix it???

  6. Jacques Mouchnino says

    Good job

  7. Amber Rebecca K says

    I love your videos! Such important information in a digital age. Thank you 🙂

  8. Mustang D best220 says

    Do not reset your settings because it resets all your location services back on all the settings you just turned off also always have phone noise cancelling off I always have Low power mode on all of those settings except for reset settings

  9. KABJA Gaming says

    Please make a vedio on how to charge ipad fast

  10. Amethyst Kitty says

    In location where we were shutting things offf . What does system customization mean. I believe someone was in my phone just like audio foe back speaker does not work I don’t know the settings

  11. Benjamin Khemthong says

    If I leave my iPhone charge over night what happen ?

  12. Daniel says

    do they hate each other or uh

  13. Delicious Magorongah says

    Job welldone guys ,you saved my life ..keep it up

  14. RWG Gaming says

    My ipad mini 5 bought in March 2020… Just a month old… doesn't charges above 80%when charged in afternoon… In morning I use all 100%… Then I charge at 4.. to 5 pm in the evening … But it only charges to 80%and doesn't charges above 80% … But in early morning when I charge it charges 100%… Why is it so that it charges 100% early morning and doesn't charges above 80% in the evening time… ?? Pls help ? using original charger… I often used charging while playing pubg game. In order to not let battery die quickly…

  15. cons3quence1 says

    What type things should be turned on for background app refresh?

  16. DSREACTS says

    Thanks man I’ve been having trouble with my iPhone 7 but then this helped out man thanks

  17. SILDI TFUE says

    wawww thank you

  18. nader samad says

    I need help

  19. simon abadjian says

    I have been struggling with GHOSTING and I was monitoring my free-RAM (via LiriumInfo app). It seems to be the issue related to the ghosting. After doing this video and turning off most of the background features in this video, my free-ram went from 85 to 210.. that's a big change. I not sure which element it was that made the big change. Fun video and good info, its nice to hear from the professionals.PLEASE put this issue out there on a new video as there is a HUGE GHOSTING problem at the moment with IOS 13.

  20. Tim Peck says

    Hmmm your background looks a lot like itchymitchy’s. Curious ?

  21. Tangie says

    My phone is only a year old and the battery capacity is now only 85%. Is that normal?

  22. アベナサジョーン says

    I try this tips if working to my iPhone I’ll come back soon here to edit this tips

  23. Tahmid Abdin says

    Closing apps does not save battery Apple said you should leave your apps open in the background

  24. iwill 859 says

    I did alot of these, but turning off screen time could possibly help too

  25. Shoeless b says

    talk slower im no rocket scientist.

  26. Beka Delgado says

    Thank you so much two handsome boys..that was really help my phone save battery save everyday.. ???

  27. Wildan Humaedi says

    Should I charge my iPhone 11 pro max to 100 with fast charging?

  28. Gold says

    Disable 4G/LTE. 3G is often enough for most of everyday usage. it makes a difference 3G uses much less power.

  29. Faith and Pierre Te Angina-Kaan says

    Excellent ta

  30. Alias Alias says

    What about limit advertising

  31. Kassim Khan Khan says

    David you're incredibly hot dude

  32. Kort Kramer says

    "Stay below 80% of battery capacity to increase battery life." That is so good to know, thanks!

  33. Gold says

    Hi guys, great video , subscribed!iOS has a feature called Battery Health. I believe this a self diagnostic tool. Under what Percentage shall we consider change our battery ?Thanks

  34. Chris says

    Kinda weird seeing two dudes hosting this type of vid ?

  35. Jessica Bermudez says

    Help please. I am new iphone user and I cant find the system service based on the video 🙁

  36. Rahim Mumtaz says

    Hello friend i have iphone 7 plus i want to update my mobile but i forgot my apple id so what can i do

  37. frederikvr says

    like a half year aggo my battery drained only 3-10% at nightNow it drains 80% at night

  38. Theresa Shay says

    Thanks again?

  39. SigZA says

    Tip number #1. Do not install iOS13.

  40. H A R I T H says

    I have a question…does iphone has an auto cut off when charging?

  41. Adepu Srinivas says

    Please Dalup batarry

  42. Bárbara Escobar says

    My iPhone’s X battery would last ALL DAY LONG and now I have to charge it twice a day. All before this freaking software update

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