14-Year-Old Future Soccer SUPERSTAR


This episode of No Days Off is sponsored by Under Armour. 14-year-old Bella Ballard PUTS IN WORK on the soccer field!

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  1. Whistle says

    Thanks for watching! Want to hear more on Bella? Check out our NDO podcast with her dad Joe! 👉 https://whistle.video/bella-ballard-NDOpod

  2. Its Neelimaaa says

    People are out here saying she has fancy equipment. She literally has cones, some balls, and she’s on a public field 💀

  3. Simon Alptekin says

    A future CAM in soccer/football

  4. Rxspectz says

    Cones don’t tackle.

  5. Matthew Yamamoto says

    Soccer is supposed to be fun these guys are gonna burn out

  6. Roselyn Becerra says

    Keep doing what your doing I love playing soccer to!!

  7. Oscar Jewers says

    11:30 till 5:30. Your a great and dedicated athlete but like me wanting to do too much will come back to bite you. Keep your drive

  8. NBDisagod says

    man how are we supposed to know she is good no game footage just dribbling through cones and shots on goal that’s easy

  9. :P says

    she sounds like every kid who likes i play soccer, me good, i like do skills. they seriously could have done any other kid what makes her special

  10. DY Skyze says

    My names Jeff, and I love my couch

  11. Uhidontno says

    Imagine playin soccer against her is school

  12. Alona Rossen says

    After you pass a certain fairly low level, where you are actually competitive and have big goals, I’ll tell anyone is ready to wake up at 5 in the morning its not a big a deal as they make it to be

  13. JB playz says

    Luv how none of these prodigy’s are centre backs or full-backs

  14. Gikle says

    This is just the average Brazil kid lol

  15. Samuel says

    If I had a fliers like this close to my house I would train every single game no matter what, I try to train wherever I can but it’s difficult

  16. G .S says

    Lol we will see in the future she is American too

  17. Lila Cannon says

    But where is the in game footage they are just showing her dribbling through cones with no one pressuring her. Like I am not going to discredit her great foot work and agility but she could just be a practice champion

  18. Lilqasem says

    Another rich kid with private field and private trainer , guess even getting better is about money too

  19. Aadish Ray says

    She is very talented but “SOCCER” smh 🤦‍♂️

  20. Alexia Zamora says

    Self reliant? She wouldn’t be where she is if it wasn’t for her rich parents, but she is amazing for pushing herself to train hard and get up early. I’m seeing a lot of jealous people in this comments section, and I used to be a really jealous person too. I saw this video about last year and I didn’t like it and it just popped up in my recommended and I’m now a more positive minded and uplifting person and now I see this girl as an inspiration. My parents won’t just pack up and move if I ask and they would get me expensive trainers (heck, they won’t even put me on two teams and my dad doesn’t help out with sports finances), but I can try and follow her traits of ambition, persistence, and commitment because that’s what really makes an athlete. Idk how she plays in games and idk if she’s a prodigy, but she’s good and I admire how she moves the ball so quickly. So people, instead of complaining, try and learn something form this girl.

  21. Sub Because I'm Canadian says

    I don't practice, I don't eat healthy food, I don't play soccer like everyday, and I'm a good player like her.

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