15 Among Us "Epic Music Kills" Sound Variations in 42 Seconds


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15 #AmongUs “Epic Music Kills” Sound Variations in 42 Seconds
Among Us “Epic Music Kills” Sound Variations. #SoundVariations / Among Us Meme

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Animation by SuperWiiBros08
(original animation)
He is really cool. Go and support him 🙂

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  1. Lambardi YT says

    Hello 🙂 Do u like this video?

  2. Takeshi Ishii says

    Using a Sound Card huh?

  3. Simon Chua says

    When he’ll sirenhead was there

  4. Blue World says

    0:04 When i Stop Raging On Bedtime So i Play This Music On Their Ears

  5. Susecon, C.A. Susecon, C.A. says


  6. Blue World says

    0:01 Me When i Die In Among Us And Agrue As Ghost

  7. Blue World says

    0:01 When I Play FNAF But a Jumpscare Appeared, So i Ran Away, Then i Tried Again And That Was The SAME! And I Did This: I MANAGED TO VIEW, Then i Heard Some EARRAPE

  8. Blue World says

    0:39 When i Say "EPIC" On BaBtSi

  9. S Nikolay says


  10. Ezralita Robinson says

    Tell whats the musics, called

  11. Ezralita Robinson says

    What music called

  12. ForceSteam А4 English and Russian says

    0:09 Ues

  13. Baraa Abdulaziz Yahyaa Alhazmi Weed & New says

    Among Us 😂

  14. Basic Training says

    The song is Monster inc

  15. kindastinky studios says

    What is the original song?

  16. Its DaRick says

    "ity has been removed"

  17. Shemika Clarke says


  18. Çınar Akşit says

    Go to 20k

  19. Marcin Hak says

    Do 15 among us "skitu kill" sound variations in 1 minute

  20. It Is Phu Coung Le says

    0:10 Lowered volume

  21. aukeluz1 says

    Aren’t you gonna credit the person who made the kill animation

  22. Erzsébet Lakatos says


  23. Elza maria schiave says

    In 430

  24. Union Achilles says

    Hi, I have a question regarding your video: Are you starting to upload 4K videos?

  25. asuki spareparts says



    What …

  27. I am a BIG fangirl says

    First I guess

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