15 Clothing and Fashion Hacks You Need to Know!! DIY by Blossom


Here is our list of top 15 clothing and fashion hacks you need to know! Learn how to use a bobby pin to untie your shoes, avoid neck irritation from bathing suits, and hang your shirts in half the time! Which hack did you find most useful? Let us know in the comments below! For more smart DIYs, useful life hacks, and fashion how tos subscribe to Blosssom!

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  1. Child Of The Space says

    I like that you incorporated models with different body shapes! Thx for that ^^

  2. ImNotMad ButUR says

    Is it just me, or aren’t these “clothes hacks” a lot of really tacky looking things that – who would get caught dead wearing this stuff? Yeeeesh! Tacky is just tacky.

  3. زيوني زيوني says


  4. Raythecatperson Smith says

    They have learned how to teleport

  5. Donna Woodford says

    Another trick to untie shoe laces: the tine of a fork. (Not everyone has Bobby pins available).

  6. Habibur Rahman says

    Was that Emmy perry

  7. Sulaiman Hamdaan says

    Hi I do like your Chanel but I like that westendes girl sudhani

  8. Jessica Vargas says

    Claro… estoy que me coloco y salgo con un calzoncillo de top.

  9. ahmed raza says

    0:23 anybody tell me her name

  10. Elyse Mooney says

    2:14 your shoes are to big.

  11. Raul Martinez says

    So are ppl going to start wearing underwear as tops for working out? Lol that and also pants? ????

  12. Debra Lebarron says

    Thank you for the great advice too

  13. Sandra Mullikin says

    Oh the trying to squeeze into those jeans was really funny ? … back in my day every teenage girl was doing that, LoL. We would use things to stretch them out a little to get into them. It was ridiculous! Thanks for the comical memory on that. Some seemingly neat ideas but, doubt I will remember many of them. Love this channel, tho.

  14. Nabila Kumar says


  15. darlene heu says

    U know that vodka isn't going to be used for her shoes! ??

  16. UnknownCreature-006 says

    Honestly, the best hack I ever saw was on Pinterest and it showed you how to tie a ball gown into shorts so you could battle a dragon or something

  17. Sakhawat Molla says

    মারাত্মক ?

  18. SHRADHA DUTTA says

    She is fat and she is not ashamed of wearing a two piece swim suit and I am not even that fat and I ashamed because I am a little bit chubby

  19. GURU T says

    In 3:24 tell mi the name of a girl?? she is so beautiful ??

  20. 힐링채널 says

    Like ???

  21. Ethan Beasley says

    did you fake these like you did with your food videos?

  22. The 2020 LIFE HACKS says

    ? suBsCibe

  23. Andes Manuel lopez Guerra says

    pura copia jajajajajajajajajaj

  24. امة الرحمن says

    I Love Blossom ?

  25. Silver Fox says

    I love you Blossom, I love you so much but the thing is that after 3:02, you're reusing tips from other videos. It's just a little disappointing because at first you're like "Ho it's cool! A new video of Blossom" and after you're like " I've seen the half of the video on others videos."It's very disappointing… ?

  26. 찐이show says

    Wow, the idea of paradise channel. That's cool.????????

  27. Satvindar Kaur says

    Who made the pink skirt she is too beautiful ???

  28. Bijeta Borah says

    to tie one's hair with such a loose rubber band is an achievement in itself

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