15 Ways to Sneak Snacks into the Movies!


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We can’t even imagine going to the movies without snacks! Watch in our cool WooHoo’s movie theater lifehacks) We know the best ways to sneak snacks into the movies!

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  3. Nina Alvarez says


  4. Berenice Perez says

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  5. Roxanne Swaby says

    why does the guard keep punching jake

  6. Lovely Montojo says

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  7. lola the fox says

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    That poor "kid" will be having nightmares for weeks

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  15. Crazy jadz says

    Hey guard! Stop puncing

  16. Crazy jadz says

    I hate that gaurd

  17. Samarpan Pradhan says

    Jake was so cute when he were the cheerleading outfit hehe ?

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    3:21 the girl is danmn cute !

  23. Vasantha Ov says

    Can you do this in malayalam

  24. Jasmine Passeri says

    And Jake looks weird in the girl clothes ?????????????????

  25. Jasmine Passeri says

    Do you know that men i’m not pregnant ok? ??‍♀️

  26. Rafael Henriquez says

    This is not right, if you sneak candy what their doing, and you go inside the police might get you. Don’t do it.

  27. Noemi Duran says

    By the way I can tell us videos which is stupid because the background of the movie theater has a sonic with beautiful kitty eyes that are actually so not beautiful and ugly that’s why I don’t like that show so I unsubscribed and I don’t know why I liked it when I was little but by bitches

  28. Noemi Duran says

    You are so annoying why do you even make these videos get off of YouTube stupid channel

  29. marilou corpuz says

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  37. Lilac Blue says

    Lol they have Diabetes

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