1. Danny's Astronomy says

    It must be a rare coin?

  2. Jay187 Cardin says

    Hey Scott, I absolutely think it's real, but I think it's a sea turtle?? If u look closely you can see a head,the fin arms coming out of the sea?? My guess anyway?, but that's what I can read from that!

  3. Cee says

    Can't believe people would think you would go to the expense and incredible skill involved of minting your own coin for a few minutes of youtube video. Morons! . . keep at it fella, love this channel . . 😉

  4. Nocturnal News says

    Ignore the trolls it will be the best thing you ever did

  5. moogie8596 says

    Why the Hairy Heck does a 1701 Coin have a Satellite Dish on it?

  6. Michele Correale says

    So cool! Nay sayers are jealous.

  7. Игорёк says

    there is no such coin? I don't understand English)) Hello everyone from Russia!

  8. Primordilian Frenso says

    Scott great respect for your work ive been following you for years,keep up the amazing work.

  9. Tellez Nu says

    People will always talk. What matters the most is that you're happy with it.?

  10. T_GTCQ-Pied2k Sim racer says

    Send us a video of the real coin!

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