1920s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is


[THE PINS ARE SOLD OUT SORRY!] btw, I forgot to thank you guys for 75k! (as always, lol. I suck at celebrating milestones).
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  1. Vanessa Heine says

    Hi Karolina, new subscriber, love your channel. Could you check out the British series Jeeves and Wooster and tell me what you think of the clothes? It’s set 20’s, I think.

  2. Junia Limage says


  3. Opera Nerd says

    What is the scratching nose in the start?

  4. Deborah Smith says

    When I think of the 1920s fashion (of course I wasn't there), I think of a bob hairstyle and long jewelry. I don't like the boyish silhouette fashion.. I like the hour -glass figure, but at least they were sorta comfortable?. I loved the cute hats. My late Father told me that his Father always wore a hat then, and I suppose it was the same for the ladies. You were considered not completely dressed without one,but were expected to remove it indoors,or that was impolite. I liked the wide heels which I believe they kinda wore a version of in the 70s too. Funny how fashion elements come back. The 70s is coming back.

  5. Pif's Treasure Spot says

    11:58 I know this is an old video, but I just discovered your channel. ? Anyway, a couple years ago I made an exact replica of Dorothy Gale's dress for Halloween and really wanted to be as accurate to her costume in the film as much as possible. I searched high and low for that shape of heal (or even that style of shoe) EVERYWHERE. After what seemed like forever, I found one pair while browsing through Goodwill! So, yes those types/shape of shoes are extremely hard to come by since they are, in fact, vintage. I really enjoy watching your videos!

  6. Ninguém says

    15:35 so…..binders16:18 SO….BINDERS

  7. Melissa Jongepier says

    I love how you bring history alive

  8. mariecharles212 says

    So funny in the beginning ?????

  9. Mikael Inez says

    Women in the 20s wore binders, oh, dear.

  10. Literally Satan says

    So was jjba part 2 accurate?

  11. Araceli Pastoriza Fernandez says

    11:55 I want the brown and mostly black shoes…those that cost 3.98 $

  12. Araceli Pastoriza Fernandez says

    This resumes all I say…they always get the 20's wrong, and it is one of my favourite decades

  13. Mia Han says

    I almost dread asking but… what do you think about Poirot costumes?

  14. Amina Kishk says

    I once got to see a Sears and Roebuck catalog, found in the upstairs of an old post office in a small town in Colorado way out in the boonies…

  15. lilith myers says

    I am not flat I am just born at the wrong years. Damn I could have been so a beauty type at the 1920 ?

  16. MJ Barata says

    Idk what the hatters have against your little roleplay, it was hilarious XD

  17. Katie Eugster says

    watching this 'cause I wanna do research for my friends 20's themed party ?So the Intro is really accurate

  18. CrazyMazapan says

    The boyish look of the flappers in the 20s was all about female independence. It was a rebellion against the elaborate dresses their mothers and grandmothers wore.

  19. fatemeh shahmohammad says

    you look GORGEOUS with that scarf

  20. federica nardi says

    I've seen this tv show on Netflix "Miss Fisher Misteries", which takes place in the twenties in Australia, and I am really curious about what do you think they did with the historical accuracy of the costumes. I would love to see have your opinions or see them in one of your next videos.

  21. Anna S says

    oh .My gosh, this girl haha minute 16:40 to16:45 … "…if you did not have that figure out a FLAT BOYISH-WOMAN. ……." LOVELY just lovely

  22. Zasax Sarman says

    Так, окей, теперь у меня есть вопрос. А как выглядели проститутки 1920? Что у них было в моде? Такие же силуэты и модели или же они как современные " клишированные" дамы: пытались быть более ярче и оголеннее?

  23. Riptide & Tea says

    Wow never knew my potato bag gym clothes from middle school were 1920s fashionable ?

  24. Alura-rose Devries says

    I have a question: so nowadays there is so many different styles and aesthetics, and people dress in styles from loads of different eras, did this happen previously too? Did people from the 1920s still wear 1900 dresses?

  25. Sylvia-Novella Underwood says

    We were doing Chicago as the spring musical at my high school before the quarantine and me and my friends were both cast members and costume designersWe were having a discussion on if my friend, Maria who plays Mama Morton should wear a floor length sparkly evening gown with a fur shrug and a rose in her hair or since in the Broadway version Mama Morton wears a black pantsuit with a lacy bodysuit under itSome girls didn’t like it but my friend Kayla who knows a lot about historical fashions said that some women did wear trousers in the 1920s and 30s (Marlene Dietrich anyone?)And that the pants were supposed to be a symbolism of her power and dominance since usually men wore trousers to prove that they were the dominant genderWhat pissed me off is how I wanted to do lacy black camisoles with short black shorts with tights for the Cell Block Tango Girls or even black and white form fitting leotards like jail outfits but one of the girls went to Spencer’s, walked over to the S&M lingerie part and bought latex corsets for all of the girlsThe corsets don’t bother me it’s just women in 1920s didn’t wear freaking latex, they proll wore leather????????????????

  26. I- says

    Therapist: Modern Karolina doesn’t exist, she can’t hurt you. Modern Karolina: exists in sunglasses

  27. upintheclouds says

    i have a gay wedding (periodt) thats 1920s themed and i have no idea what to wear ?

  28. AlexMAGA KAG says

    why leave music in the background? WHY? it makes everything noisy, horrible. Am I supposed to concentrate on what you are saying?

  29. A Thoughtful Gemini says

    I know this video is old but please tell me which lipstick are you wearing, I love it!

  30. Ellen Christine says

    one of my favorite pet peeves

  31. KATHERINE Is Lora says

    The only 20’s I’ve witnessed were in 1520’s. And I just covered EVERYTHING. It’s basically treason if you don’t. ?

  32. Kimberly Perrotis says

    Please do an all-time fashion hates video, here’s mine: 1. Rounded shoulder pads, well any, really, 2. Super high-cut leg bathing suits. I know you could really do this topic justice.

  33. Kimberly Perrotis says

    You are almost as much fun as a trunk full of vintage clothes. Well, no, nobody is that fun, but your videos ARE really fun.

  34. Aimee Kane says

    I wanna say thanks so much for the fashion accuracy vids as I'm making characters from various years and I only had stereotyped history.

  35. kupimogy29 says

    Flat silhouette- baggy clothes. It's a wonder the human race bred past the 1920's.

  36. Conrad M says

    So to summarize: knee-less, forehead-less, breast-less, pale potatoe was the look to go for. Sounds like an amoeba

  37. Sam Shank says

    "it was more fashionable to look like a potato bag"

  38. catherinerw1 says

    I still remember my grandmother's roll-on corselettes hanging up to dry in about the 1980's (together with her Directoire knickers!). She would have been in her 60s at the time (lived until she was 90).

  39. Janet Steinman says

    I would have liked to see more pictures.

  40. abisspassenger says

    The funniest thing? Now we're in the 20's again!

  41. ALAN LAWRENCE says

    Here goes… Women and girls did not start wearing knee length dresses until 1925. They did NOT wear briefs during the 1920s at all. So if you see some Jazz baby in a pair of 1960s hipsters then the costume designer is probably from the flower power era and has never thumbed through a 1920s period department store catalogue. Women and girls in the 1920s wore bloomers, with a garter at the top of the leg, the mid leg or, if wearing a long dress, just above the knee. If I see one more gangster movie with molls romping around in Victoria's Secret undies I'll do your head in the hands pose. They did however wear art silks and satins for outer and underwear… Me like.

  42. sighless says

    This has improved my Sims 4 decades challenge by 1000000%

  43. Rainy Day says

    I wore the fringe dresses that they tell you are 1920s for a show. I still wear it for a Halloween costume but that's it lmao

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