Preventing displacements? No problem. Stopping E? No problem.
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  1. Riku Harada says

    Yone: Spaghetti code is my strong suit.Urgot: Pasta la vista

  2. Wan Wan says

    Its not a bug, its a feature

  3. Patrick says

    200 years

  4. ShadowFox says

    Fed Yone that's been denying Blitz Q in the beginningBlitz finally pulls Him inYone: "I let you grab me this time" precedes to kill everyone

  5. Lemuel Flores Cantillo says

    "feature" not bug hahaha

  6. Heltan says

    That would be SO COOL as an actual mechanic. Some champion that could deflect cc by timing it perfectly. Like a fiora w but with no cooldown and a lot harder to use.

  7. Blazeriel says

    Are these bannable?

  8. Raei says

    Its not a bug its just a sneak peek of his 0/10 powerspike

  9. Elerai says

    Imagine if the Ctrl+3 was his W (parry the first projectile, taking no damage and reflecting it by 180 degrees), and Ctrl+5 his E (interrupt any displacement). Make them have high CDs, and make his E his R. Boom, high skillcap unique champion that doesn't feel like a Yasuo copy. Also, make him have a resource bar like Yasuo that charges as he deals damage; at full resource he can hold Q to dash forward (maybe minus the knockup? high DPS shouldn't have CC) as a form of engage. For good measure, make him E (now R) different; all his attacks and abilities deal more damage (magic), and he has increased tenacity, however, if his body is damaged by a champion beyond a certain threshold (~500 hp? scaling ofc), this ability is cancelled and he is stunned for X seconds. If he has his new E (Ctrl+5), he can actually use his R offensively and E to cancel his pull and stay in the fight (though his damage buff will be gone).Edit: His body's damage is also dealt to him, so if you can hit the body you should definitely hit it, it'll force him to cancel it early and lose the damage buff and possible also pull him back if he doesn't Ctrl+5 (E now) cancel it.

  10. Creepypato says

    Expect all the Yone mains to be like the Riven ones; "It's not a bug, it's a feature; that just so happens I can exploit on command for unpredictable moves and advantages"

  11. SuchAntony says

    Some of these can actually make really good mechanics (reverse ultimate etc.) ofc not the blitz hook stop and the others

  12. Pancake is better than Cupcake says

    Qss in a nutshell

  13. 3D Davis says

    Well, If u cant have windwall like your bro.

  14. ひろよし祐吉 says

    An actual 700 years

  15. P00rStr94 says

    at this point rito should hire you man

  16. Hellxsan says

    And Darius have still bugged Armour penetration, with passiv and LD it goes only to 53 pene ofcourse not always sometimes its 45 and sometimes its 56.

  17. Mark Kenji says

    Its a feature.

  18. Predator70 NC says

    Make a Video about practice tool Dummies being broken with GP. The damage numbers in comparison with crit are just wrong, riot needs to fix this. Crit keg do as much dmg as normal keg… It just fucking sucks.

  19. Wadu Hek says

    MeanwhileYasuo: presses ctrl 6 to show lvl 7 mastery becomes 0-10

  20. 10A1 - 28 - Trần Phúc Quý says

    Vandiril i think u should test ys Q bug again because i find this patch ys is able to do that ( the E Q bug that make Q instantly no cooldown)

  21. Thiarv ccdc says

    this is on pbe, everything on pbe have glitch

  22. Thiarv ccdc says

    this is on pbe, everything on pbe have glitch

  23. Robert Marr says

    working as intended

  24. Rick_Gman says

    Honestly hope they don’t fix this, seems really cool and would make him interesting.

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