2 Million Subscribers! – Let's End COVID 19 (Coronavirus) #HopeFromHome


My Charity Livestream:
Thank you all for your support in helping me reach 2 Million Subscribers. In celebration, I’m planning a 24 Hour Charity Livestream starting at 8am EST on April 7th. I will be joining the #HopeFromHome campaign which is collecting donations for some of the major charities combating the COVID 19 pandemic. I hope to see you all there, let’s have some fun and play some games while practicing safe social distancing.

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  1. John jean488 says

    Gangster shitt hahaha?

  2. Synax Kun says

    Dg 🙁

  3. Kenzi Gonsalves says

    Is he stone mountain's brother? They look so much alike!

  4. lowell tdg says

    All love and respect here man. Keep it up

  5. Jeffrey Davis says

    Fuck WHO

  6. Aslak Jacobsen says

    Did Jacksepticeye contact you?

  7. Pop Tartsss says

    Congrats I love your vids

  8. Max Scott says

    Not real life go back to game life kills

  9. Cheese1688 says

    Go Drae! Like this comment if you want Drae to keep being awesome.

  10. Dylan Tapp says

    Drae, love watching your videos and humor in games especially your series in theif simulator

  11. Dylan Geisler says

    I love u drae your amazing…..

  12. JacobRat2000 says

    ayee im happy for you, i started watching your vids when you started playing stranded deep

  13. Rjbloom says

    Drae lost some weight!! Looking good man!!

  14. Reko Anjerobarero says

    I love your videos Mr. Draegast, back 3 years ago I've watch you on your besiege creation reaction. You are one the The Best YouTuber Gamer out there. Nice job :)Edit:Your intro at the time was odd chap – jam

  15. briggzz 55 says

    Been since 300k wow

  16. LeGiTgamer101 says

    Congratulations drae I’ve been watching for a while and I love your channel

  17. Nathaniel Elarmo says

    Awesome to see you reach this milestone man. I basically grew up watching your videos and have been with you since 100k. Still remember being excited for those weekly besiege videos as a kid. Thanks for making the content you do and making me smile every day.

  18. Nick Nathan says

    I don't need to go outside because I can just watch his videos

  19. Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B says

    Congrats my man, I’ve been here since the near beginning! Love your vids my guy!

  20. Johnathan Ott says


  21. onox gaming says

    drea i hope you meet your dreams and hope your doing well been watching since 2014 when im feeling down or not feeling it i watch one of your videos and it helps me so much thanks for beening here

  22. Giacky Wacky says

    Omg your voice doesn't match your face! Your face is nice though

  23. RegularPit says

    I like the the old Draegast in the background plus you could support folding at home a software making a cure from people's GPU's processing power to solve it

  24. GummyBearPlayz says

    Anyone else notice he had the hydroneer music in the background??? ?

  25. MaterialSum3786 says

    You look like you lost weight looking good

  26. Bryson Gamblin says

    Congrats Drae!!!! I’m a big fan love ❤️ your videos!!

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