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Hi guys! Today I am sharing 20 healthy habits that changed my life! Comment down below what are your healthy habits?!


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  1. Gwyneth Yung says

    do a part two please!

  2. VASI G says

    This is also so nice to watch during lockdown! really reminds me of how to stay healthy and sane. Btw guys, I recently posted a video where I eat like a VS Model BUT ON a budget if you want to check it out! I save more than $60 just for 1 day!

  3. Claire Holmes says

    Very cool!! love the ideas!

  4. Michael Lee says

    A healthy habit that i use everyday with plenty of health benefits is the Japanese water therapy

  5. Kale real Game on says


  6. Robyn Dalton says

    how do you make pretty water

  7. Abby Jenkins says

    That blanket WHERE!

  8. Jessica ???? says

    You are the cutest ?❤️

  9. Jessica Peavy says

    Cannot get things from thrive in alaska

  10. racheid77 says

    i love cucumber water, watermelon water, and strawberry lime

  11. 100 Year Lifestyle says

    Another great thing to add to this list is eating breakfast in the morning! You choose how alert you want to be during the day…breakfast helps increase that!

  12. arfiley bautista says

    Love your video. ???

  13. Sandra Tucker says

    My birthday is on Thanksgiving

  14. lemon water says

    Gurrl do your own shopping you are getting robbed!! .I guess youtubers get freebies . Costco Sam's club and amazon are your smart financial choices . I was at heb, geting matcha powder it was 21$ for a small bag . I googled/ amazoned found a better quality , organic size $ 9 bucks . That's half price . When buying health food ,buy bulk and compare prices . The new generation is geting hoodwinked.

  15. Aydın ALTAYLI says

    Hey, This is amazing video!!! Also you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U5EX_HqsSE

  16. Robyn all things beauty and how to says

    this video is super awesome

  17. Journey To Healthy Living says

    Please Help! Diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis!

  18. Dana and Angelo says

    Love these tips ?

  19. Gx5646 ROBLOX says

    Watching this vid drinking a Dr. Pepper:(

  20. Official jayybandz says

    Eat healthy you be healthy im healthy in Antisocial

  21. Robyn beauty how to lifestyle says

    I like drinking cucumber water

  22. Melissa Caron says

    Why are you not vegan anymore? I missed that!

  23. Michelle Taylor says

    Love this!Where is your outfit from!? ????❤️

  24. lauren froh says

    Please Do a part 2

  25. Stacia says

    1. lots of water and green tea 2. skincare routine 3. yoga everyday 4. journal! 5. walks

  26. Lauren Nussbaum says

    Where are your hoodie and shorts from?! I’m obsessed ?

  27. awarenessvillage says

    Great tips! Thanks! Would love to see a part 2.

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