1. Darren Truax JR says

    dude sick palmerias shirt

  2. Junior July says

    ive been at utd for 10 yrs now, won the league every season apart from 1,

  3. Thehypershadow says

    maybe look into getting a affiliate club to buy portuguese youth players if you think you can stay at wolves long term

  4. WaZzeR Tr3nDz 猿 says

    Damn dis channel dead 2

  5. Matheus Castanheira says

    This shirt ?

  6. Koray Jefferson says

    I cant get the full game but im now gonna get the demo. Can anyone tell me if the demo is different to the actual game?

  7. Bryezer says

    I still can't believe u got sacked

  8. matheus tobaldini says

    manny mate a palmeiras shirt that makes me sad

  9. melissa mordey says

    i really would enjoy a sunderland career mode as i would like to see what manny would do with my club so if he does a sunderland save i would be ecstatic

  10. Loïc Paul says

    Do you have the demo or the paid game?

  11. ExpertHippo says

    manny try and get hannibal mejibri

  12. TMT Chillz says

    Loving the Fm content manny I've taken the leap myself and have decided im going to make Football manager videos myself your a great inspiration?


    manny wheres your views bro

  14. VIC says

    Please if you leave wolves go to arsenal in FM or pes

  15. Dorian Bellamy says

    I would look at AZ Alkmaar players, they get really good on FM: Calvin Stenge and Myron Boadu

  16. Kyle Beardin says

    hey, I just started playing FM because of this series, how do I get the real faces and pictures?

  17. Chase _ says

    Manny we actually need an episode everyday

  18. Ahmad says

    stop focusing on signings and focus on the games

  19. Calum Campbell says

    Get camavinga

  20. hxd blur says

    btw from the last vid here is the video I promised I would make when people said I wouldn't, this is how to try any ultimate team card for free https://youtu.be/v8KWQoe3eoc

  21. Amrul Younis says

    Stop buying loads of players every season it wrecks your teams familiarity with each other

  22. Uchenna Azih says

    Get kean back pls

  23. Йордан Стоянов says

    1:52 did I just see u discard Kiril Despodov?

  24. Nenad Petrovic says

    @Manny Hey man, just improve defence belive me. Best way to build strong attacking squad in fm is to start from behind, get your self a world class CB and young CWB/FB right and left, also talk to your players individualy and praise them for good training ratings or after good match, just speak to your players (specialy key players) and praise them individualy it will do wonders! Also try to get coaches who prefer same style of formation and football u like to play, and dont sign players just because you can. Be patient, grow and build team and you will have consistency in attacking play and win a lot of games and probably get 100+ points. I hope u try some of these you will see many improvements!

  25. Owen Lewis says

    CEO of “that makes so much sense”

  26. BG 123 says

    You need to look at regens more they might not be ready made but you can get them cheap when they are young and become world beaters

  27. AgiiTV says

    Put some game sounds into the vids bro, it will make the video better

  28. Kip John says

    You should make a second tactic but play that tactic in the cups

  29. Miniminter JR says

    Manny plz sign osihmen I promise you won't regret it

  30. Peter Myklebust says

    It’s fucking boring that you sign the same players every single team you go to

  31. Tom Schouten says

    Do a career with Sunderland

  32. Jareth Wheeler says

    Can you do a series with spencer on online career

  33. Daniel O says

    Organize your bench! I usually use lb cb rb cm cam rm/lm st but it's up to you

  34. Samuel Noel says

    When u see Jota miss a shot that Salcedo or Moise Keane would bury

  35. Samuel Noel says

    Manny effect:1st season :Gets a team top 6 2and season :Gets sacked b4 half way through the season

  36. Kennan 00 says

    Martinelli needs to be bought

  37. Nigo Slimane says

    Idk why but I love when manny repeats the same thing he just said lmao I be looking forward to that shit

  38. Reda Babi says

    Get Atal to replace chambers

  39. Lennon Fabian says

    only england loaded as playable??

  40. George Bristow says

    Todibo CB

  41. Joshua Shannon says

    Sign zinchenkoGives you cover in most positions and isn't a bad player on the game either

  42. Zak Szilagyi says

    Let’s go Wolverhampton

  43. RustyKnutsGaming says

    dont get old players work round your best player you have

  44. The Communist Fly says

    Bruv this is the first ep i've watched in a while and WHY THE FUCK IS NEVES AT UTD. BRING THAT MAN BACK AT ALL COST

  45. James Playz says

    Don’t buy any more players you have tons of good players in the squad for back up

  46. Dan Tucker says

    Had baro and dantas at inter on a save an they were both mad they carried me

  47. QMCGaming says

    since it's 2024, see if you can buy messi/ronaldo for only 8m. they are old yes but still world class players.

  48. AB RNO says

    Try your best to sign pedri

  49. James Bailey says

    Buy players that can actually perform. When buying players look for player that in the scout report say consistent and Big game player

  50. AB RNO says

    Buy a comanding cb

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