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What Dreams May Come: Determiners-Both, Either, Neither

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What Dreams May Come: Determiners – Both, Either, Neither

This movie has a beautiful message. I used many scenes in my class. This one is to practice determiners – BOTH EITHER NEITHER. Sts who like arts and Monet or Van Gogh usually enjoy it a lot.

I. Look at these two impressionist paintings by Claude Monet. Check the alternatives you believe apply to the impressionist movement.

1. ( ) Color is not mixed.
2. ( ) They don’t make use of black.
3. ( ) They reflect the outdoors.
4. ( ) They use very bright colors.
5. ( ) They transmit the idea of movement
6. ( ) They show nature and landscapes.
7. ( ) We can’t see the details of the picture clearly, but we can see the essence.

II. Now watch this beautiful segment. Decide which items in exercise A also apply to the movie segment.

III. Write sentences comparing the paintings and the segment. Use Both … and, Neither … nor, Either … or. Remember that each student may have a different perspective of art, so the answers may vary a bit.

1. Neither the paintings nor the movie has mixed colors ( or Both the paintings and the segment have mixed colors).


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