1. Lana Rhoads says

    dang makes me miss the season so much more…

  2. Non Genre Music says

    I could marry any of these girls

  3. André Mafé says

    Parabéns! ??????????

  4. eddyvideostar says

    At 1:25 minutes: Great camera work. Lovely blue outfit and leg enhancing thigh-high socks on number 7.

  5. Joseph Zuñiga Ortiz says

    Juegan bien

  6. Alfredo Martinez says

    1:43 she low key cute even though i aint into white girls that play was good too

  7. Danny says


  8. larita a says

    Estas si son buenas

  9. Julio Navarrete says

    Wow! All they are good and hard players! I am impressed!!

  10. taif a. says


  11. taif a. says


  12. taif a. says


  13. Aberration says

    You can just see the blue team wants the win so much more

  14. Dennys Ferreira-Minha Meta e Marketing says

    Quanta qualidade Hem!!?

  15. David Padilla says

    Which team is cal south?

  16. ed secce says

    7:09 she was not offside

  17. Izzy g says

    The goalie really started playing vb at 2:25 ??

  18. Alvin Melancon says

    this is the problem with ODP while there is a lot of talent on the field, you can clearly see that this wasn't the most talented players in the regions

  19. Felipe Life Adventure says

    I 'd marry all of them! Just beautiful girls!

  20. Joaquin Quietly says

    Is this at reach 11?

  21. chill gamer says

    Who is just watching random soccer vids becos quarantin

  22. Kate Russell says

    Ok but remember when we could actually play a soccer game ?

  23. nonprosoccerplaya 05 says

    5:06 me when people start makin me mad ?

  24. Dayana Figueroa Santana says

    the molly girl bothered me so much who plays soccer with their hair down??

  25. Emma Johnson says

    The keeper in orange is rly good

  26. Zoes Kenter says

    I swear, they just play soccer so they can make a vlog called: dAy In ThE lIfE Of á sOccEr PlaYer!?

  27. OnlyThe Best says

    Not tryna offend anyone but. I’m from the uk and I live on a little island and the standard of football over here is a lot better i feel like this was a lot of pushing and shoving, just all round clunk. But in the uk we focus on the game and the quality of football rather this. Don’t get me wrong they are good I just think for the top teams to represent their state it should be a bit better as I live in tiny place and girls football isn’t that recognized but I play for the best girls team in my island and compared the England we aren’t very good. Anyways I’m just tryna say if ur represent your state the quality of football should be better. Byeeee?

  28. Senpai Gunnar says

    Is it kinda sad that my u12 team is better than them

  29. Yourlocalpeanut says

    So much cuts in the video it’s hard to watch

  30. Jack W says

    Blue #7 was by far the best player on the field.

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