1. thando sehoai says

    o monate kannete ona movie khele!!! monna eno ke ruri

  2. William Mitchell says

    I wonder what this movie is about?

  3. Jalal Uddin says

    Hindia Mia dalo

  4. TheClippa1 says

    Subtitles don't make sense. Shame it looks amazing.

  5. Aaron N says

    Why does no one in the comments give the name of this movie even though half of the comments are asking for it.

  6. Rupesh Lahre says

    Please upload in hindi

  7. Enver Durmus says


  8. Greg Faulkner says

    Good movie subtitles sucksssssss

  9. Pare Palolu says

    Mantap sekali ya

  10. 麻卡帕 says

    模仿90年代香港电影《水浒传之英雄本色》 中国内地电影大多垃圾。

  11. R.dhanraj.tripathi Dhanraj says

    Hindi Dubbing

  12. Jayvee king Soriano says


  13. Roberta Montgomery says

    Wtf!!!! Someone must not know English for these subtitles!!!??

  14. Satprit Singh Sandhu says

    Useless movie lots of chitchat, no story time waste….

  15. Claire Kincaid says

    Yes loc a good karate movie and the fights is all that and more great picture

  16. RainbowGully says

    Best movie ever I love the monk he makes me feel lively and even wanna fight

  17. RainbowGully says

    The subtitles in English is confusing and wrong

  18. gsxrboy35 says

    Awesome movie I can't wait to see part 3很棒的电影迫不及待想看第3部分。Hěn bàng de diànyǐng pòbùjídài xiǎng kàn dì 3 bùfèn.

  19. nihit Singh says

    Movie name plz

  20. iomo iomo says

    Drama movie, not action

  21. Mochi's World says

    What a waste of time.

  22. Xcess Custom says

    translation is bad

  23. uhavemooface says

    Talking a lot about pickles aren't they. But its not translated very well so why put this on here. Isn't this in English.

  24. Baddyforall says

    Translation is funny. Lol

  25. Hanna Sungcang says

    Longtime i looking this part thank u so much for uploading this part ?

  26. Bidemi peters says

    Nice upload

  27. World Aquarium Singapore says

    108 heros of the marsh leopard head lin chong and flower monk lu zhishen

  28. #Anonymous Pojar says

    One of the worst Chinese movie I had Eva watch…. meaningless ……

  29. Nathalia Lyn Chua says

    Good day from the Philippines may I know what's the title of this movie 🙂 thank you very much.

  30. isaac kukoyiissac says


  31. Rodrigo Anwar says

    Sayang terakhirx nggk bisa ketemu kekasihx,nggk seruu…

  32. Praveen Kumar says

    Hindi mai kab aayega

  33. Jocessie Codilla says

    The wife is ediot she cant descern the guy who always make lies to her if she says no she have to stand what she said very ignorant lousy moie

  34. داحي باب خيبر says

    Movie Title

  35. Mangol Hamrom says


  36. M kapoor says

    Hindi me he kya Kya nam he iska

  37. Bobby Igir says

    Whats name this movie¿????

  38. wampayb ! says

    So many cut scenes…wew

  39. きむらさんカーん says

    หนังเรื่องไรอะ ฟังไม่รุ้เรื่อง

  40. Franklin Ac says

    *Hey you!You that is reading this message,I hope that one day your will get to your DREAM to be real.My dream is just a sub from you and I will do the same?*

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