1. Rupesh Lahre says

    Please uplod hindi

  2. Malik Waqas says


  3. eternal love says

    watched & rewatching this series again, it's a good one till the end.

  4. Rajnish Kumar says

    Hindi me bhejo ok

  5. Ashish Sharma says

    Give movie name

  6. eternal love says

    i recommend this series, one of the best. bare with episode#01 a bit boring but when you get in the story, promise you'll love it. just be patient with the episode numbers though, you might get lost 😀

  7. Kamlesh King says

    Hindi dubbel dala kro

  8. Pradeep Kumar says


  9. Rafael Suarez says

    El personage de Wuji quiere ser tan bueno que se pasa de pendejo

  10. Pirate Kings says

    How many part available in youtube? i just finished season #25. I didn't find more over than #25. Is that #25 last?


    Gold lion was powerful there but easy killed by Mongolian arcshier

  12. Malik Faisal says

    All movie up load in hindi

  13. Eddie De Leon says

    OMEGA and ALPHA ii guess this episode will closed the beautifull curtains of a tearfull heartbreaking saga , thanks and edit later … perhaps love of jhon denver


    Muito bom , tradução em português

  15. Daniela Morais says

    Os filmes são muito bons. Só faltou ser português.

  16. Claudia Barros says

    Esses filme devia tá dublado

  17. fayyaz khan says

    Hindi dubbed me ye poori film daalo

  18. Onesio Falcao da silva says

    traducion portugues please

  19. Karenlu chura says

    En español ?

  20. JoJo N says

    "Heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2019". A total of 50 episodes

  21. กนกวรรณ ธารเจือ says


  22. meddy 09 says

    Kok gak sub indonesia ?

  23. Jose Bejarano Calderón says

    Alguien habla español


    One of the most beautiful serials .. I have seen through YouTube to Episode 26, but unfortunately there are no new episodes .. So I hope to know the name of this series, perhaps I can find it full on the net

  25. Cindy Constantin says

    Vous oublier les français pour la traduction.

  26. isti gadisku says

    The dragon sabre

  27. Edwine Omondi says

    fantastic movie i just love the episodes boom

  28. Shatonya De Coteau says

    Grenadian here

  29. LENILSON REIS says

    Alguém sabe o nome desse filme?

  30. LENILSON REIS says

    Good night, I would like to know the name of this good movie.

  31. أحمد البرماوي says

    اين الترجمة

  32. Gassimu Turay says

    nice movie.

  33. ali azgar 1২ says

    OMG..My choose this move

  34. Andy Li says

    The movie is very good

  35. محمود حجازي says

    ترجموه عربي تبان الكم

  36. ملكه البحر says

    تحياتي الك لو مترجم كان افضل الفلم جميل فعلااا

  37. safar says

    film nya bagus cuma gx ada sub indo nya jadi gx ngerti bahasa nya

  38. Tips de salud y muchos más. Ramos says

    OMG very beautiful nice ? quien la mira 7-7-2019 muy buena

  39. Honey badge says

    ANDY LAU!!!!

  40. Prf Gee says

    the opening fight is insane! Those gravity-defying stunts is the reason I watch Chinese movie!

  41. Guntz Thor says

    Andy Lau???

  42. آبۣۗہنۣۗہ الموصل says

    اول عراقي هنا ??

  43. Ancel De La Cruz says

    me gustan las películas asiáticas pero por favor subtituladas al español

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