1. Lela Melo says


  2. Ajitesh Paw says

    Hindi language plees..

  3. heavenly sword and the dragon saber says

    All most cried


    Jackie chan is real jaahja?

  5. Hey I'm Kenneth says

    Can I have buhui?

  6. Marilyn Hernaez says

    I hate that cunning girl. She’s playing coy, but she’s in love with Wuji.

  7. virginia taguinay says

    I love the part when grandmaster realise it was zhang wuji..

  8. Jessica Gonzaga says

    Love this movie but I dont know whats the title …can someone out there tell me ….please…..am dying here ..(joke)

  9. mhai Lagrimas says

    Jet Lee movies is here!!

  10. Angelah Moraa says

    I love this move any one whatching with me from Kenya

  11. เสรีย์ ทรงวงศ์สิทธิ์ says


  12. เสรีย์ ทรงวงศ์สิทธิ์ says

    everyone was shocked by zhang wuji's action that he broke all his enemy limbs

  13. James GrantVIII says

    "Wujiiiiii…" – Grandmaster. Then I cried like a bitch.

  14. Max Daddy says

    too long loving it

  15. Mery Apolo says

    Nice movie

  16. Darren Sue says

    Why its lag?

  17. Balogun Issa says

    Movie name pls

  18. Ayla Jade says

    I feel like I saw Jackie Chan? ?

  19. เสรีย์ ทรงวงศ์สิทธิ์ says

    everyone was wonder what Zhang wuji had done to Zhou min in the Greem Willow Manor Prison!

  20. Aliyu Fatima says

    Enjoying it crazy

  21. Anh Bui says

    Thanks for all movies

  22. Jorie Inso says

    I love ths man. what s the name real name of wuji plz! I'm crush on him. his my idol super love from the philippines

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