1. Thangthiansiam Hanghal says

    Please tell me the name of the background song



  3. Mahyuddin Arief says

    What a womanizer You are!?!?Fucking wuji…. ?

  4. Celestine Derren says

    I like xiao zhao and wuji both cutie ❤?

  5. Bibaswayan Karmakar says

    Anyone know the name of the song the old lady sang ??

  6. Jobayer Hossain says

    Great story.

  7. Hey I'm Kenneth says

    That mongolian princess looks like Kim Chu of the Philippines.

  8. Brihotsing Rongpi says

    That evil abbbess leader is damm very bad interfering other love

  9. rijon hasan says

    ভালো লাগলো

  10. Dowhat Iwant says

    Damn, there were plenty of hot chics already and then Grandma went and pulled that stunt?

  11. Terdiam Sepii says

    Movies name

  12. yeshi wangdi says

    Where is #26 an above

  13. nicole liew says

    Tang thirty six wut brings u here?! ??

  14. Ardip Gurung says

    In hindi or in english

  15. Rain Rain says

    Wuji your Mom warned you not to trust a woman especially a beautiful woman. I guess you forgot

  16. AW8ting Mike says

    Almost all the chinese history drama, they are using this house

  17. AW8ting Mike says

    So he loves her as a sister but she loves him as a man

  18. AW8ting Mike says

    Pretty girls falling in love with Wuji. I‘m fine with anyone of them except the lead girl. She acts the same with those petty eyes in one of the drama I‘ve seen. Such acting is not enough to be a good actress

  19. Azeem Jatt says

    I wish miss Zhao and Zhang wuji got marriage

  20. Anna Konjengbam says

    I don't know who is the real culprit ??

  21. Anna Konjengbam says

    Anyone know who is the FL ???I really like this princess ?? sorry I don't know for now ?

  22. Red Indian says

    Beautiful Princess is not only intelligent and capable but also a good and straightforward girl who can admit her wrongs and even ready to sacrifice her life and her sword for her love one. Zhou is simply an ugly nasty jealousy bitch, who inherited the abhorrent swear-logic from her Shifu.

  23. bentamra chaib says

    best and Beautiful movies I loved it

  24. Erq Tsetse says

    How can I get this Persian song which is used in this series as a poet song

  25. magandang babae says

    Princess is innocent I bet 100percent miss zhou plan everything

  26. Unicorn998 Sniper says

    i'm truly feel bad for princess..

  27. My Name is says

    So next who is gonna marry wuji that princess, or sister zhoruo , that thousand spider kung fu girl or that maid? So confuse his godfather was right which one he gonna choose or is he gonna die at last?

  28. Banda Gideon says

    This movie is so touching

  29. ѕ н a w ι e says

    ι wιѕн хιao zнao and wυjι ended υp тogeтнer?

  30. Juan Carlo says

    The girl doesn't fight, bad sound

  31. elijah mikle says

    ? broken!!!!

  32. Edge Razors says

    I think the princess is innocent before watching any more and this is a set up by the other girl.

  33. Olabanji Olarinmoye says

    Wuji the savior, peacemaker, negotiator, girls choice, fearless too much qualities…lol

  34. Soliy Grande says

    This amazing I have watched this thing at night day and even morning and my mom said I need you to stop watching this I was like Noo. But I don’t like how Wuji is going to marry her idk her name .

  35. Adrian Ace says

    Fuck im crying

  36. Krishanthi Lalanika says

    Update 19 please

  37. Leo Channel says

    may i know the title of this video ??????? tnx

  38. 16현유경 says

    I like des movie thanks❤❤

  39. nivram atnipur says

    Whats the real tittle of this series plss tell me

  40. Otaku Nee-san says

    Ow its tang thirty six(joseph zeng) i mean in the movie fighter of the destiny or i am mistaken ahahah

  41. เสรีย์ ทรงวงศ์สิทธิ์ says

    The character of Zhang Wuji maybe good in martial arts but, but he is not good leader, because his thinking too slow, and can't make decisive decision

  42. Emzhielee de los Reyes says

    may i know the title of this please

  43. Leo Gurung says

    When will 19 come!

  44. Funny BeeWorld says

    please be fast about it. Kindly and patiently waiting for #19. I subscribe to ur channel already

  45. rhogel natividad says

    please!! #19

  46. rhogel natividad says

    very nice fantasy.. when wil be the next episode???

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