1. roy flores says

    the title of this movie is THE HEAVENLY SWORD AND DRAGON SABER,,,, I rrealy love this movie

  2. Aluong Michael says


  3. jesica gayramah says

    the title of these is dragon saber heavenly sword

  4. Aris Marat says

    The best

  5. Izyhq _06 says

    Jimin BTS

  6. Jojo Nanale says

    Dragon saber and heavenly sword this is the awesome series for me

  7. Jojo Nanale says

    Zhang wuji

  8. Habib Luri says

    You guys are too much

  9. Caroline Mbugua says

    Its not a movie?Its a drama called ;Heavenly sword dragon slaying saber

  10. Adam Hayasa Zafran says

    This is not a movie , this is a series called The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber

  11. Yussif Alhassan says

    Best best movie ever

  12. makayla says

    Great movie, whomever played the boy is a great actor!

  13. Sydney k Zivanayi says

    I really love Chinese can you deal with Corona virus

  14. Harry Clarke says

    ???? Definitely an interesting premise 1:24 ? ??????

  15. Yousaf Wassan says

    Plez these stories upload in Hindi/Urdu dubbed please

  16. nihit Singh says

    Movie name pls plz

  17. Leandro Barauna says

    Boa noite como faso para assistir este filme em português

  18. Ahmed Khatib says

    What is this movie or tv series ???What is its name…

  19. naziifa luluu says


  20. Chyeqarl Alhasni says

    I am so familiar with this movie, but I am confusedCondor Heroes ( Chinese Drama )Battle Through The Fire and Flames ( Manga )The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre ( Chinese Drama )

  21. Maria Guadalupe says

    This is a part of The Heavenly and Dragon Sabre

  22. Ayomide Omolayo says


  23. PRINCE RUFUS says

    what'd name

  24. Snevas jakes says

    By far the best enjoying my nights so much with these episodes at first ii thought its just another chinese movie the it touched my heart ii love iit every episode is heart touching

  25. JESSE B says

    So there's no martial arts movies in English…. Why I'm not surprised…

  26. april boy says

    Why im crying while watching

  27. MADUKA OBI says

    ??? Crying while watching

  28. noor Fati says

    Movie name

  29. noor Fati says

    Where is the next part of this movie

  30. WellyDan Bello says

    title please?

  31. K. R. says

    Who got Bud for me?…lol

  32. New Beginning says

    Come on!!this shit made me cry like a girl.I am a gangster very humiliating to my ego

  33. Bilinjogang Bilinjogang says

    no good

  34. The Man Mechanic says

    Make me cry like anything ?

  35. Kira Crozzeria says

    What's the title?

  36. Damthanlung Pr says


  37. الغضب العكيدي says

    فلم جميل

  38. Valvagia says

    Gypsy teenager (Eng_sub HD) – 2019 Chinese New action Kung fu Martial arts full movies

  39. Md Nasir Khan says

    ভাষা কিছুই বুজলাম না।

  40. Mamadou Bendaloue says

    The children will make you cry. They are lovely and smart.

  41. Laisani Drugu says

    Movie name ?

  42. Amrit Gurung says

    Xie xie

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