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The 2020 Hyundai Creta comes with a strong set of engines, gearboxes and features. The car offers premium looks on the inside and outside and also has Hyundai’s trusted after sales support. Here is Ashish Masih reviewing the diesel version of the car

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  1. Amlan Swain says

    Though I’m buying Creta but this review is a Paid one, host is irritating and uses a fake accent. One of the worst reviews on the web today.

  2. Gaurav Singhal says

    I have been a very old subscriber but Unsubscribed now… Just another bad review. Only paid positive points.Better to subscribe other geniune channels.

  3. Sachin Somanna says

    Is this a paid review. I honestly want to know.

  4. rajashyam gogoi says

    Sir I ove your videos and you are right that there is no AWD option . But Sorry I differ I think to give a name SUV to a vehicle there must be AWD as an option at least .otherwise it's not be term as an SUV whether Creta New Duster Kicks EcoSport Nexon XUV 300 etc..,these are all fake SUVs unless there is an AWD as option

  5. Niranjan Pazhani Chamy says

    Even base variant gets rear ac vents

  6. PANKS A says

    Sunsan rahon pe…jab ek masih nikalta hai..use log Ashish Masih kehte hain..🙂🙃😉🤩

  7. Muneer Jan says

    Amazing Presentation!!!

  8. Manoj A says

    No wonder this is the best selling car in the segment

  9. Nikhil Mirchandani says

    Creta Diesel Manual or Automatic Which to buy..?

  10. ANIL SONI says

    From ashish masih cars to autoportal back , rocking on both sides , welcome back

  11. Roshit Ranjan says

    Which one should I go for the creta or the compass??

  12. ritesh KUMAR says

    good to see you back in autoportal

  13. Manoj Kumar says

    Why did you post it soon? Please post it a little late…you will reach 2021.

  14. Rashmiranjan Baral says

    Why does the intro sounds like CNBC awaaz overdrive episode's intro…

  15. Ramesh Bhandari says

    LOVE U SIR 👍👍❤️🙏.

  16. Mohammad Areeq Ali says

    Ek request he bade bhai🙏I'm your old subscriberAap apni har video me Timeslaps wala feature add kro plz🙏🙏🙏I requested🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. Vinit Singh says

    Previous generation creta looks way better…The 2020 creta has mind blowing interiors and feature list…Exterior of the car is not at all impressive…

  18. Nishanth Shetty says

    Looks like a paid promotion Vedio sir

  19. RS TUTORIALS says

    which place

  20. Karan Chawla says

    You would have to be a complete daft to love the design language of this car. I know looks are subjective but this thing is ridiculous, there's nothing subtle about it. It's like one fine day, the designers turned up drunk at the office and kept on drawing lines and angles. Seltos, the sister car is a much better looking car, in my honest opinion.

  21. Deepak Batra says

    Sir i am confused between kia htx and creta sx What will be best ? Tell your opinion! Plz

  22. Alok Singh says

    Reply my question

  23. Alok Singh says

    SirMG Chinese company hai , fir vi aap log usko recommend kyo kr rhe ho?

  24. Shikoh Khan says

    First comment

  25. kartikey kaushik says

    First like

  26. Abhishek Chitte says

    First 🤘

  27. kartikey kaushik says

    First view

  28. prashanth reddy says

    Nice review

  29. Abhinav Joshi says

    Can i get a heart?

  30. shanu ay says


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