1. James Shawn says

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  2. fandangle14 says

    Does a link exist somewhere to the entire video?

  3. greg Dobbins says


  4. greg Dobbins says

    ? Nice

  5. Liam Smith says

    She is so natural at shoeplay. A real dangler will show the inside of the shoe as well. How many people out of the 30,839 views have marveled at her magnificent dangling and maybe got carried away a bit too much. I hope her partner is one of the admirers too….

  6. Shawn Ellis says

    An she sexy too

  7. Shawn Ellis says

    Omfg! ?? the sexiest dangle ever! She's being so kinky! Just take the heel off!

  8. II248 says


  9. ProFoot says

    Wow…..the best dangling i've ever seen on YouTube!

  10. Adonay Alvarado says

    wow, she made an erotic dangling !!!!!!

  11. yojimba06 says

    Thought she was gonna drop the shoe at the end. Very sexy !

  12. Arch Tasting says

    Truly skilled dangle queen! ????

  13. Arch Tasting says

    Truly an absolute dangle queen! If her guy is a footman, can only imagine how she must own him & turn him out with her erotic toe dexterity! ????

  14. II248 says

    Woooow woooow

  15. FwK53 says

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? …………………..

  16. Ken Pentalow says

    Her extreme dangling got me hard as a hammer. Surprised it didn't fall off, literally hanging on for dear life by a toenail.

  17. Arch Tasting says

    Supreme dangle & toe dexterity to drain her dude & drain completely! Dangle queen in control ???

  18. Graham Waters says

    I’m a big fan of your videos James. This is one of the best. She is an apex dangler. Supreme.

  19. Duda Takahashi says

    Woaw, essa deve estar no cio (toe dangle de scarpin)… brincadeirinha hahaha !! Very sexy !!

  20. Arch Tasting says

    From.:35, the lady closest to the camera crosses her left leg over right, exposing sweet arch & immediately begins to establish why she is a boner-fide dangling queen who deserves proper dedicated oral service from a devoted footman or any other male in the room should do. ????

  21. Al haq Asdq says

    Best woman in the world doing dangling heels wwwoww very professional What name woman

  22. Jay70 Jay70 says

    She's got skills ??

  23. Al haq Asdq says

    Wwwoww very Nice dangling

  24. Matt Shue says

    HOLY SHIT! What a find!

  25. Italiano in Malta says

    The best dangling video I've seen in a long time! You are a top master man! Great editing!! You are a true genius man… Thanks for sharing!

  26. Ellis Walker says

    Keep up the good work

  27. Wayfarer says

    Your best one yet. Bravo! That dangling is so hot and sexy!

  28. donny blondy says

    awesome clip of the hot brunette in the front row! I,m thinking shes married with 2 kids, probably has a pt job as a community nurse, husband is an engineer maybe. She must have long toes to manipulate her heel like that.

  29. E Meyer says

    Wow!Quite the dangler.Complete pro.Thanks for the upload James

  30. Lonnie Felder says

    Nice bruh nice videos

  31. Crevis McGilicuty says

    Wonderful dangling sweet girl!

  32. PlayyBoxx says

    well damn !

  33. Michele Reynolds says


  34. jason rage says

    heart attack

  35. beendiesel says

    Definitely a good job

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