24 Hours in Munich Germany | Top Things to do in Munich | Travel Vlog


Dave and Deb of The Planet D packed a lot in during 24 hours in Munich Germany. There are the top things to do in Munich if you only have a short stay in the city.
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In this video, you’ll see all these amazing things to do in Munich in 24 hours.
►What to do in Munich Germany
↠Radius Tours – Cycling Tour: (ask for Tim!)
↠Neues Rathaus – Glockenspiel
↠Saint Peter’s Church
↠Royal Residenz
↠Germany’s Most Expensive Shopping Street
↠Beer Gardens
↠Chinese Temple
↠English Garden – Englischer Garten
↠Watch River Surfing on the Ice River
↠Documentation Centre
↠Olympia Tower
↠Oldest Museum in Munich
↠Michael Jackon’s Memorial

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  1. acemultivitaminsaft says

    6:09 If you're interested in our 3rd Reich History, it's definitely worth mentioning that the best, most detailed and immersive insight into it is a 20-30min S-Bahn Ride from Munich's City Center: The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. It's not for the faint of heart for obvious reasons and you should treat it with respect, but it's fairly well preserved and a very detailed museum. Well worth the trip if you're into contemporary history and despite the gruesome insight into a gruesome dictatorship, I would add it to a travel bucket list for Munich. Great video and greetings from Munich! 🙂

  2. James Volk says

    The 1972 Olympics?? Didn't something bad happen then

  3. Nurbek Halikulov says

    The best vlog in youtube about Munich

  4. Dany Quirion says

    Cant wait to move to Munich

  5. Franco Contreras says

    Love the video ! a new subscriber over here, What time of the year did this footage was taken ?

  6. Elmas Nasıl Bulunur says

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  7. Anna Verena says

    I live in munich. And i gotta admit. You captured it really well

  8. Voyager Guru says

    This is so great. I adore how you really enjoy learning all of those information while travelling.

  9. Jancen J says

    Nice video. We are planning to go there next year. When you rented a bike, is it safe to leave it outside while you check out the churches or museums? How many days would you recommend to see the popular attractions?

  10. biffe says

    Beergarden (BIERGARTEN)… You're right that the breweries stored their beer in cellars. When they tried to sell their beer directly to the public, the other restaurants in Munich complained about it. So the King decided, that the breweries could sell their beer but the people could bring their own food to the Biergarten. So in a typical Bavarian Biergarten you can take your own food with you. There are served areas where you are not allowed to take your own food (*), but in the rest you can take your own food and buy the drinks.* these served areas are often with a table-cloth and/or cutlery on the table.

  11. Anna Bo says

    Which month it's the best to visit Munich?

  12. iVince905 says

    Just recently visited Munich last week and now I miss it! The bavarian culture is uniquely different to other European cultures!

  13. Werner Wirth says

    The first king of Bavaria was Maximilian I Jiseph!

  14. eoin smith says

    the 1972 version, or the REAL version was called Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Gene Wilder R.I.P.

  15. willis mckay says

    06:20 people were not"forced", germans loved Hitler 😉

  16. Lothar Schepers says

    Really nice video. But one little correction: Munich was founded by Heinrich the Lion (German: Heinrich der Löwe). He builds a bridge over the river Isar directly close to a cloister and named it Munich (which means nearby the monks).

  17. Gyanishare says


  18. lani says

    So cool!!!??

  19. Jason Yoder says

    Thank you! The travel bug is bitting hard and I am over a month from my next adventure. You have given me a lot of good ideas for my next trip the Munuch.

  20. Jerry Qin says

    Great tour guide. Like the female's language!

  21. 2desi travelers says

    Good Job !! I am also a youtube traveler. Let me know if interested in collab.

  22. Ivan Luiz says

    I'm from Brazil, First things first you are very fun 😀 awesome place..

  23. WanderLust Mike says

    Nice! We plan on exploring Munich during December! ??❤????❄☃️

  24. Steven Kuang says

    It's quite interesting for me to watch this video bcs I just spent a year living in Nanjing and now living in Munich xD.

  25. TravelWorldOnline says

    Great to see you in our former hometown. If you don't like the noise and the hurly-burly of the Hofbräuhaus, but want to eat great Bavarian food, you can do so just around the corner at the restaurant Pfistermühle: https://www.travelworldonline.de/traveller/restaurant-pfistermuehle-muenchen/

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