25 Top Tourist Attractions in Europe – Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video:

With its layers of history and overlapping of cultures, Europe is a treasure trove of everything from the medieval and ancient to the baroque and art nouveau. Couple this with Arctic conditions in the north and beautiful Mediterranean climates in the south, and there’s a whole side of nature to go with the main dish of culture that can be found in this wonderful continent. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in Europe:

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  1. Gerak Geri Kita says
  2. Fatih says
  3. Scott Preston says

    whats your criteria?

  4. Wrtyi W says


  5. mytriv dotcom says

    wow its a wonderfull place in the world and its nice review thanks for your presentation i want to come to this place soon

  6. renard69ful says

    There are much more beautiful places in Europe

  7. renard69ful says

    Istanbul is not more Europe because Turkish people came from Asiastolen these beautiful European city.Konstantiopel till 1453 was Europe

  8. Matteo Colombo says

    lake como and Milan are the best places in Italy

  9. priyanka bhati says
  10. Explore PH 101 says

    I love europe..wish to go there someday..check also this beautiful island paradise..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxBwSC5vptg&feature=share

  11. Kekistani Help Desk says

    17:00 Dubrovnik is where game of thrones filmed kings landing scenes. There are many locations you will recognise from the show such as cersies walk of shame down the steps or the harbour scenes.

  12. Peter W Rohr says

    I love your videos. However the background music is absolutely appalling. How can you use this absolutely disgusting computer generated trash as background to historic towns and buildings? I don’t get it. What about some beautiful music from the Barock, Renaissance, Romantic etc.? All this beautiful music is in the Public Domaine and can be used for nix.
    (The background music of some of your videos is actually ok)

  13. Kujtime Zeqiri says

    Im from Europe
    I live in Macedonia🇲🇰💛

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  15. Jeff Vroom says

    So many beautiful spots and then you suddenly amsterdam shows up… 😑

  16. Gina Stefan says

    Budapest according to the Japanese Baedecker is the most beautiful city in the world. Never ever that I can see this city among the most beautiful. This video shows several places that don't even come close.

  17. JESSROCKED Channel says

    Lago di Braies not included?

  18. Muhammad Ali says

    Red light area in Amsterdam, should be in list

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  20. Stašo Štergelj says

    With love from sLOVEnia

  21. Przez Świat z Doktorkiem says

    The author forgot about "WIELICZKA" – the city of rock salt in Poland. The whole city is 800 meters underground, built in an old salt mine. UNESCO class monument 🙂

  22. Relaxing Nature says

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