1. Vonzaku says

    I'd play this!

  2. Cj Winter says

    how long did it take you to make this game?

  3. smaery says

    this game looks so much fun

  4. Nick Bindles says

    it looks as if the background is 2d and the character is 3d? is this correct? actally it kinda looks all 3d i cant tell can u tell me?

  5. CiiRE says

    please do tutorial

  6. Nudiventra: Blender, BGE, Gimp says


  7. Wolf Doing Things says

    that thing looks SAME as kirby 😀

  8. Kaphonie says

    That game over music tho!! 😀 xD!!

  9. Crown says

    Lol hes smiling and crying simultanously in the game over screen

  10. Marcos Lourenço says

    Although simple, it is a funny game!

  11. Wisper Me says

    great job

  12. k kk says

    How did you fall in blender ??

  13. Ariel Gimenez says

    hace 10 años atras hubiese sido un crack el juego.

  14. Arduino Tronic says

    Interesting! – I really liked viewing ur vid. However that on my tablet the sound seemed unsynched – could be me though! I know we have some things in common and I like your approach u have. When you can spare the time please check out the applicable videos on my channel (playlists will help) and tell me your opinion of them. All comments gratefully recieved! Ciao!

  15. CreamHub says


  16. Jolly Roger says

    this is a very nice looking game

  17. MrCheaperCreeper says

    First video in a while 😮 Nice job man! You've really gotten good at this!

  18. GPEART1 says

    Pretty sweet!Will check it out, sure to learn some cool stuff.

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