2K made a football game and it's SICK


2K made a football game and it’s SICK

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Today, we play All Pro Football 2K8 made by 2K Sports. It’s the last football game 2K made and it’s better than EA Sports Madden NFL

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  1. RBT says

    if you're watching this before its HD you have officially been granted access to the KORN CLAN

  2. Put U Smooth says

    They made an up to date All Pro Football with more HOF players & coaches , more plays , and a deep dynasty mode where you have to prepare for ur opponents and the preparation you put in practice effects ur play on the field either positively or negatively. Then it’ll be the greatest football game of all time

  3. big DEKE says

    RBT: This game is ahead of its time (during create a team)Old Madden: Am I a joke to you.

  4. Blake Quann says

    U can't pass the ball because u think this is madden u gotta actually play quarterback..u out here scrambling with Joe Montana smh he's a damn pocket passer

  5. Sebastian Limbach says

    How could you pass up Brian Bosworth!!!

  6. The Disturbed Ones says

    They also made ESPN 2k5 and its way better than this…..

  7. Keegan Orton says

    at 2 44 this an said to name a better duwo I am about to bring the house on him Carson Wentz and the injury tent

  8. D hustle kinh L says

    That spin was viscous ? 17:10

  9. Thirsty Wildcat says

    You should of picked the goats

  10. Glenn Jacobs says

    I am also from Mobile. I bought this game back in the day and enjoyed it for a while. I liked the customization options for create a team, but I thought the 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze and a bunch of nobodies was not the best way to do it.

  11. Clunker_Ablaze says

    Passing not hard. Real

  12. maxout 21 says

    The NFL has just extended madden licensing contract for 5 year r.i.p to 2k football I don’t think we’ll ever get another 2k football game

  13. Michael Whisenhunt says

    Might be best football game ever

  14. Eric Belinc says

    This game looks a hell of a lot smoother then Madden!!

  15. Jesse Mac says

    "had Emmet Smith ever been in a madden? I don't think so" then proceeds to tell us who's a better combo then Montana to go with Emmet hahaha, bro do some research then try n be someone dropping knowledge. This game looks sick tho. They must love the free advertising haha

  16. TheSmithersy says

    OJ Simpson? Really? That has to be a joke!

  17. Hampton Boggs says

    A ‘rip’ is a defensive maneuver that allows the defender to get around a block…it doesn’t mean ‘rest in peace’ in football vernacular. Regardless, I enjoyed watching this- you made it exciting, haha. I wonder if it’s on Xbox one game pass?! ?

  18. Cheesypenguin Gamer says

    Rip Hyenas

  19. Carlos Osazuwa says

    6:24 the dynamos logo my team's logo in NBA 2k20

  20. slamdeathgrindmachine says

    You should have made the Cleveland steamers

  21. Juice Gaming says

    You mean 3

  22. Sam Rapp says

    I’m sorry but you can tell this dude really doesn’t know that much about football

  23. olneyn player says

    barry sanders and dan marino best dou

  24. TvGuy says

    Joe Montana and Jerry Rice

  25. Last Brain Cell says

    Puzzling why microsoft hadn't made some american football games backwards compatible. It's a pain trying to get old madden titles with so little stock left.

  26. Kaliba King says

    Tom Brady and Barry Sanders there you go

  27. Ian Charlie says

    YouTube: 6:14 demonetized

  28. señor tomatoide says

    Better duo Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith

  29. Charles Williams says

    Little did know Walter Payton is the best player

  30. The Snoodge says

    They use this game for the SFL

  31. 2wheelphoto says

    That would be funny to have a superbowl at the practice field in mobile Alabama ??

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