3.31.20 – News Behind the News with John Michael Chambers ft. Economist, Dr. Kirk ELLIOTT


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  1. Janis Hewes says

    This video is wonderful..It gave me hope thank you so much now this Old woman in Seattle can relax and pop more corn. #WWG1WGA #TRUMP2Q2Q #BeBest

  2. Bernard Lalonde says

    We will probably find out that the World we live on is not the shape that we have been told.

  3. Mark Dagley says

    Up until now, the Fed only could buy treasury bonds and we the people had to pay back the principle and interest upon maturity. In essence the Fed lent us the money, that we, the people, authorized, and we had to pay it back with interest.But when the interest rate went to zero, the treasury could sell to/borrow from the Fed at zero interest but only by selling them treasury bonds. The money that was 'borrowed' had to be authorized by the congress and went to pay for all the programs of the U.S.But now with the SPV, the treasury can 'borrow' from the Fed at zero interest rate to buy other 'things' that we, the US people can 'own'. Yes, we must pay the 'loan' back, but the loan is what is owed to the Fed, and the 'stuff' we bought with the money, is what we, the people, now 'own'.So we are like a person who runs up a unlimited credit card (at zero percent interest). We can borrow enough to make the 'minimum' payment and also buy anything and everything that we want. What we the people owe to the Fed keeps getting bigger and bigger but we don't care because there is no interest. One day, after we the people have built up the country and the infrastructure and have bought back all the land and good stuff that the central bankers and china have taken from us, we will just tell the Fed, sorry, but the 'money/currency' that we borrowed from you is no longer currency and is worthless because we are going to a different currency that we will establish (during the reset).The key was to get the interest rate to zero so that the saying 'the borrow is servant to the lender' is reversed. The lender, in this case, the Fed, is servant to the borrower, in this case, the Treasury, because the interest rate is zero and the Treasury is the authority that determines the currency of the country and will declare the currency that the Fed lent the treasury to be no longer currency or more likely devalue the federal reserve note dollar to be worthless compared to the new coming currency, the US Treasury dollar or whatever they will call it.The exchange rate for the new US Treasury dollar will be, let's say, one dollar to one trillion dollars in Federal reserve note dollars. We will then give them just one 100 new Treasury dollar bill and extinguish 100 trillion Federal Reserve note dollar debt.

  4. Jeffrey Deeds says

    I really like John Michael Chambers' broadcasts. Good addition to the DNN, Dustin.

  5. Marg MacDonald says

    thank you David amd john great news

  6. Esperanza J Creeger says

    Two different strains of the virus were created – C17 (extremely deadly) and C19 (flu like). The synthetic adrenochrome was laced with the C17 strain. Anyone who took the synthetic adrenochrome signed their own death warrant.

  7. robert ackerson jr says

    Guess who was chosen byGod ? Bingo yes President Trump

  8. Loxie Davie says

    PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN!!! That seems to be what is going down right now in NYC…for that reason the Comfort it there!!!

  9. droidcrasher says

    GOLD BACK is A TRAP!He who controls the GOLD controls the MONEY SUPPLY!It is NOT important WHAT BACKS THE DOLLAR!"IT'S NOT WHAT BACKS THE MONEY, IT'S WHO CONTROLS THE QUANTITY!" – Bill StillListen to him at the 12:00 mark !!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZLVxsZTYLcAND WHY THAT HELL…..ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT… THE 10 DAYS of DARKNESS!!!???THIS HAS PASSED LONG AGO!!!Q told you it had to do with THE GOVERNMENTAL SHUTDOWN 2017-2018!MOVE ON, PEOPLE!!!!Geezus!

  10. Fred Bixel jr says

    After Trump's last speech and extending this lockdown I'm beginning to wonder if q and Trump are not a hoax. I really really hope not but time will tell thanks

  11. Paula Fox says

    Hello from North East England, Mr Chambers. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation delivered in such a calm, concise and informative way. Your interviewing technique is spot on. I hope to see more of you on the Nemos network. Thank you.

  12. Sharon Dobrein says

    Dustin, Mr. Chambers – what a gem!!

  13. Mimi Anderson says

    JOHN Michael! Thanks for all your good work. I love your vests too! A professional, class act!

  14. Robin W says

    God bless our wonderful beloved president. ??WWG1WGA??

  15. Prague UnderWorld says

    NO, Robert David Steele is NOT a good guy, he’s not EX-cia and what he’s proposing is NOT for the good of the people. You don’t know the bigger picture and you’ve been fooled. And why is he conducting the interview?

  16. Mr.E.Shoppa says

    Good luck to all of you!

  17. Truth Finder says

    Very informative! Worth watching!

  18. Dan Altea says

    SoWe are to assume that the folks at the Federal Reserve (those who scam countries, even the world for a living) were tricked into a position they never saw coming?And most of us have a hard time following this scam can be assured that what this means is “this is good for us”Don’t even try to understand it… it’s good for us. What could go wrong?

  19. mike bee says

    i have never trusted that spy Steele, i am positive hes controlled opposition and an infiltrator. once you join the clowns you dont leave

  20. Stukaman says

    Two observations about your analysis: (1) Mr. Chambers called this maneuvering to take over the Fed "brilliant." We need to be reminded that "The Plan" has been in the working for over 20 years, and that a certain billionaire with experience in bankruptcy who is now the President of the United States, and by extension, the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, has been characterized as a "stable genius." Give credit where credit is due when talking with great excitement as to how it came about. (2) Once the Fed was illegally brought into our money system, the owners needed reassurance from the Congress as to how loans made by the Fed would be repaid. This is why the federal income tax was established. With that one move, the Fed knew there would be a steady flow of tax dollars coming in to the Treasury, some of which would be siphoned off to pay off the loan(s). We were once snookered. We are to be snookered no more.

  21. Nathanael Dobyns says

    Yeah… but what happens when President Trump is gone? What happens when we lose just one election ?

  22. Terry says

    President Trump will be a hard act to follow. I don't know anyone that could ever fill his shoes. Trump 2020! Thank you!

  23. Geri Q says

    Ty John I always enjoy your show, ty Dustin for sharing your seat

  24. Wyde A. Wake says

    Too bad you have to cheapen your channel with ads. Can't watch.

  25. Phenom Anon says

    Nice to see Dr. Elliot's face. ThanQ for this report @Dustin Nemos

  26. Josh Hall CherokeeCountryboy says

    Try to lose the globe behind him that is a form of Mind Control in itself that we've all been exposed to when we turn on any movie we've ever watched first thing that pops up is a globe and we've never seen it from that point of view so how do we know that's what we're on I'm not a flat earther but I know we don't live on a globe and I'm sick of hearing that word to be honest just gets old

  27. Terry says

    Brilliant strategy! Little above my head but I think I get it. Excellent job for The Nemos News Network. The American people really needed a tell it like it is News Network.

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