Don’t open the door for this episode of 3 Scary Games…

The House in the Woods ►

Swallow the Sea ►

Harmful ►

Horror Outro ►

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  1. Natsu says

    Thats some amazing graphics

  2. Natsu says

    Whats with the norse runes???

  3. Natsu says

    And he found the Washington monument

  4. Lively Kunoichi says

    Harry potter tents?

  5. Morgan Reckeweg says

    the first game looked like a mixture between Blair Witch, The Void, and maybe hints of The Ritual

  6. VlaDDrakkeN says

    First GameSo what a satanic cult that has a love for Nordic Runes? I mean its interesting and creepy, but its always weird in these kinds of games where the "Monster" just lets you rummage around before finally getting you. The Blair witch reference pulled me out but that ending with the monster brought me back. Also, if Gravity Falls and The Void has told me anything, Nothing Good comes from Triangles.Second gameIt was very interesting and pretty scary in some places, but I must wonder what is with the ending? Is it suppose to imply the ultimate evil/enemy is humanity and commercialism/industrialism? I mean I can see that but honestly it seems like a weird thing that comes out of no where with no foreshadowing/hinting of.Third GameThis feels like a dream. Disconnected and not entirely able to tell what is going on. My best guess is the person was in the woods, encountered a cabin, got caught, killed, and the killer took the camera. That is my best guess as, otherwise, I haven't the foggiest idea.

  7. No Cap says

    10:49 the numbers From bo1 be like tf they mean when u first started

  8. Crow Tsukiyomi says

    Anyone else mad the first game mixed what looked to be Nordic runes and the sigil of Baphomet together?

  9. Morgan Carter says

    Nobody:Mark with Norse Runes: "P!!!""Slender man?!"

  10. Drummer Boy says

    The second game is the physical embodiment of qui gon saying “there’s always a bigger fish”

  11. Resuri Maikeruzu says

    That first game captured the absolute dread of Blair Witch that the movie didn't

  12. Preston Leslie says

    Markiplier… Never heard of a snuff film?

  13. Daniel Brown says

    The House in the Woods gives me The Void vibes. Especially with the robed cultist army and the triangle door/portal (doortal?)

  14. XemnasO01X says

    The first 40 seconds is something most of us who have watches ghost or poltergeist videos, will legit be scared by. I was

  15. phoenixfirex says


  16. Katie McConkey says

    i was so scared at the entro that im just hiding in the commets now..

  17. 尼克斯Tomura Shigaraki’s Wife says

    Nobody: Markiplier: Absolutely no one: Chica's big toe: Me: 8:51 OoOoOHh Sexy time.

  18. Skye Allen says

    Hi, I hated the ending to the ocean game. Like, wow, I'm sad. I, personally, think it would be tens times better if it had a different ending or something. Like, at last don't give the little creature you're playing a cute-ish face and make it look sad when it's about to be fucking smashed into bits after it just survived the horrors that are the ocean's depths. I'm really disturbed by the ending, actually, and I really needed to vent. Like. Wow. The gameplay was interesting, and the ending was shit. What the fuck even was that. 🙁

  19. Chris Fusion says

    I didn't realise the things in the paper were runes until I saw þórn.

  20. Ernest CHEUNG says

    JESUS CHRIST, THAT WAS SCARYI mean Markplier's real face shock, not the edited face… what were you expecting? 😕 Fun fact: By the time you looked at this line, you already wasted 3 seconds of your life.Make it 4

  21. camolotthe42 says

    Swallow the Sea would be extremely cool as a game where you do what you see here, and then Borrus manages to just escape the crusher, then has to sneak around this factory avoiding automated systems and the factory operators until it's big enough to escape.

  22. Miles Moody says

    I love Alexia she's a cool editor

  23. FaisaloonaGaming says

    6:36 7:42 are fonny

  24. Karleigh misses mingi so much says

    Anything 안녕하세요? 안 녕 하 세 요 ? ㅇㄴㅎㅅㅇ¿¿¿

  25. Andy Six says

    MARK Try And Find A Jeff The Killer game (jeff the killer is a famious creepy pasta charactor) my favorite creepypasta actually they even made a jane vs jeff creepypasta there awesome listen to "Mr.CreepyPasta Jeff the killer" he's great

  26. Irina says

    Orro, borrus -> Ouroboros. It was eating itself.

  27. Bildboss 1 says

    "Staawwwp" "Leave me alone" are the 2 nicknames my crush calls me?

  28. Hassan nabil says

    Who else that video was paused at the beginning

  29. Justice 675 says

    I wonder if anyone knows that these are nordic runes

  30. Immeantfortheflowers says

    Borrus was fuckin cute till it died Q-Q like i need story

  31. Reef Plays Games says

    0:50 it's pronounced my-rick and I know this because it tis my name

  32. Mike Wazowski says

    I’ve been watching so much unus annus it feels weird to see mark without Ethan

  33. Soli Finau says

    I think Mark took it a bit too far

  34. Brandon Smith says

    I love how the first game is very similar to the Blair witch project. You're even looking for a girl named Heather. It takes place in October 1999, same as the movie. Sticks cracking, guy in the corner and everything. I love it.

  35. Cole Gillespie says

    Am i the only one who half expected the cultists to start chanting Unus Anuus?

  36. Roxie Revonae says

    Welp it took 48 of them but Mark finally got me with a jumpscare.

  37. James Bradley says

    mark be like stOoOoOp

  38. Estelle [redacted] says

    First game gave me a lot of Blair Witch vibes

  39. SINZ GAMING says

    the first game looks like it was inspired by the movie called THE VOID

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