3 Scary Games LIVE (special surprise at 33,333 likes)


It’s time for a LIVE rendition of 3 Scary Games! Also there’ll be a special surprise if we hit 33,333 likes!
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  1. Travis Cambridge says

    its soo many people i dint even get a chance to type a single fucking helloo

  2. Tim Cook says

    chutzpah intensifies

  3. dora mikael says

    you good at the scary game

  4. Ravyne Nevermore says

    Mark can't find the delete button.Me: his channel has become sentient!

  5. Soup Lord says

    I only learned to not like Markiplier's streams or videos

  6. Ugly rat says

    NO THAT WAS MY FAVORITE GAME PLAY WHYYYYYY :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  7. Erica Stacy says

    dantdm has got all endings

  8. Erica Stacy says

    i sub

  9. Ashley Byerly says

    i want to see the death ending

  10. Erica Stacy says


  11. Ashley Byerly says

    when mark could not find the delete button i laughed SO hard

  12. Ashley Byerly says


  13. CrazedandConfused says

    Echwa, as far as I know, is a dish from the saharan culture wherein meat is cut into pieces and stuffed into the guts and buried in sand using heat to cook it in the sand pocket whilst also exposed to air.

  14. Nikita thekitsunewolf says

    Love your vids ❤?

  15. Mateus Soares says

    What is this "hudspa", or ''husba" that he is talking about..?

  16. Katty Villalba says

    Maybe it's just because i like when people that don't have Spanish as first language knows some phrases, but when he went "ay Dios mío!" 29:39 I laughed so hard, i love him for that

  17. Gavin B says


  18. Gavin B says

    its sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

  19. Christopher Trevino says

    Does anyone else feel like mark might abruptly stop making videos

  20. Camilo Jr Monasterial says

    Markiplier: deletes the videome: downloaded the video before and still saved in my flashdrivealso me: deletes the video Respect.

  21. Connor1139 says

    uh…..Mark?…..perhaps avoid manipulating people with FOMO?……..that's a rather corporate side of ya I must say…..

  22. HashBrownSelfie says

    I don’t get it. Why did he want to delete the video?

  23. Mr Rikki says

    You did this to try and prove a point?

  24. Møøn Tea says

    I was drinking fruit punch flavored water (dont ask) and then a jumps are happened and the water came out of my nose so now my mom thinks I have a bloody nose -_-

  25. Sadie Henry says

    1:28 r/prequel memes has joined the chat

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