00:09 No cups?
00:54 Genius toothpaste trick
02:25 DIY charcoal stick
03:52 How to use a hoodie as a pillow
05:37 Organizing hacks for travelers
09:48 Handy hacks to make your hotel feel like home
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    Isn't that amazing? Wow??

  2. It's Vaishnavi Singh says

    Bhai jab tere pad 1 hack MA bottle h to tune tape kyu kharab ki PAGAL

  3. Lepetzipit Oof says

    4:21 throws card away Person catches and runs awayher:wheres my card

  4. N N POWER says

    Ctnghhvifuhfih the following link in our prayers are a couple weeks in this message in context unsubscribe in this message in a while but if it doesn't seem that we 6

  5. unicorna 99 says

    6:37 Auć

  6. Tanjil Ahmed says


  7. Tanjil Ahmed says


  8. Chicken Wings says

    Bin ich die einzige die das zum einschlafen guckt ???

  9. Abby says

    0:32-0:42 You have No Idea where that Tape has been

  10. leah Renn says


  11. Vijay Arora says

    Thumbnail? ?????

  12. MD.Mustafa Shaikh says

    Magic Magic

  13. malek Almahry says

    مشكلة كوب ورق يجيب سرطان

  14. Anil Ghumnani says

    I have 1 advice please come live

  15. Its_ash says

    @TriggeredInsaan please roast this one? pleaaaseee?

  16. tulasi madhav says

    For that paste one how many hours we need to wait

  17. Sandesh Naik says


  18. Tian pei Shi says

    Is Bigger

  19. Crazy 4 Kittyz says

    2:21 it says old spice LAGOON But at 2:36 it says old spice WHITEWATER

  20. lil' starry says

    3:17 why don’t you just fill the soap but if it’s public bathroom then what happens when you run out of the soap in the baloon?

  21. selvi s says

    i like your channels

  22. selvi s says

    i tried the whole hack it was very nice

  23. Adv Binaka Ambre says


  24. Grace Green says

    did anyone else realize They have the same hacks in every video…

  25. Grace Green says

    ain’t the duct tape gonna hurt a lot to take off the blister tho

  26. Rangga Pramuda says


  27. JennieM says

    I am going to France this week

  28. Anjum Ara says

    what a fuck!!!!

  29. Anima Master says

    Who is able to have lighters and knifes while traveling

  30. Gaming with Aritra Saha says

    Who will go for travel during these epidemic

  31. Kratika Gupta says

    You are just famous because you are official not real I have tried most of your hacks they were waste of time and money ??

  32. Smiley’s Plays Roblox says

    Who else agrees with me that.. Most of these “hacks” dont take five minutes, hit the like button if you agree! ?

  33. Pragati Kumari says

    Trigger Insaan should roast it ??

  34. Audrianna Siulangapo says

    I am going to new Plymouth to see my soon to be first cousin

  35. Brooke says

    I am surprised that all my life I never new these hacks ????

  36. saniya khan Khan says

    Who also watches five minutes crafts to sleep and not to make anything

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