30+ Lionel Messi vs All His Haters


Fact: Lionel Messi is the world’s best player. However there are still some doubters and haters. Since Messi turned 30 years old, they came up with various statements to make Messi a bad player. But as we all know Messi has always the right answer. Check out the video!

Important: all scenes are from the season 17/18 or newer = Messi 30+ years old

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  2. Dylan Bouwie says

    Goat, even when he talks about football you can see that he has so much passion

  3. MAYO Channel says

    Nice video CR7

  4. Clint eastwood says

    the goat

  5. Roosa L says

    Did the commentator say "The feet of Lionel Messi, too quick, too cute" ?

  6. SIBUSISO Vilakazi says

    Modric won a Ballon d’or in the Messi Era, yet Henry never got one even though at some point he was unanimously the greatest footballer, sometimes these football awards are ridiculously biased.

  7. SIBUSISO Vilakazi says

    Great Video, eff Pele.

  8. Ray Wilson says

    Still king to me

  9. Ancient Of Days says


  10. Ramesh Ale says

    thanks for the video…

  11. Martin Soria says
  12. BOT Space-Trails. says

    Lol bayern Munich destroyed Messi Team 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. shadowking GAMING360asd says

    I was a fan since 2009

  14. Alex Umoh says

    Oh my God please please please, who knows the name of the song used in this video from the "messi never tracks back part"??? Please help me out, been looking for it

  15. ese omar says

    Is simple to see who’s the goat 🐐 Messi ofc 👑⚽️

  16. Sameer Sayyed says

    Proud to be a messi fan. 😭😭

  17. RD stories says

    Loved it.. ❤️

  18. The Gamer 007 says

    Haters Step Back.This is Lionel Messi,The God of Football.

  19. Ian Jordan says

    Big difference between Messi and CR7: Ronaldo needs the ball in feet to score while Messi looks for the ball, takes good passes and scores

  20. FCB Editor says

    What is the bg music?

  21. Roy Kamand says

    dj skb(shadi kaedbay)plz go check him

  22. KUNGA TSEWANG says

    any question for the goat

  23. Suzan Shrestha says

    Your channel is my favourite man.💚💚💙💙

  24. Huss says

    Always watch your videos, I thought there was no hope for us but now you got us back, brought our hero, our team back, thanks a lot.

  25. clara_ park says

    Loyalty is everything for human even a person is too great,rich and have everything in the world but doesn’t had anyone in his side how lonely it would be even if he had the whole world but MESSI choose loyaly despite of all they tempted i think GOD aslo blesseed himm

  26. CHACHACHA says

    the media always shows messi when he is experiencing defeat, disappointment, sadness, and discouragement. They seek it all because it is very difficult and very rare for Messi.

  27. Jesus Christ says

    messi tracking back had me laughing 😭

  28. Ryan Guilherme says

    What an amazing video. Messi, best player in the world.👏👏👏👏👏

  29. Yul says

    His football plays make the necessary moves at every necessary momentarily.
    His behavior makes everyone quiet.
    It's like freezing everyone.
    It's just football itself.
    Even if Ronaldo and other players are reborn, they won't be like Messi.
    Except for Rooney and Azar.
    Don't compare Ronaldo and Messi.
    Ronaldo is not that talented.
    The sports world evaluates athletes in terms of team performance and record.
    Of course, Messi is still Messi.
    This is the position of Korean fans!


    Ronaldo is better.Ronaldo🏆⚽️

  31. Abdallah Ahmad says

    Just brilliant

  32. lakshay munparia says

    what a video

  33. Anne Wamaitha says

    Absolutely nice vid bro

  34. divyansh panwari says

    Always remember that it is a privilege to watch Messi

  35. M M says

    Messi is having soo bad phase of his life😓

  36. Sayid Bin Tafiq says

    Name " Lionel Messi " will remains next 300 years ; if he could win The Qatar World Cup 😊

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