Cool clothing DIYs that can transform your look

Hey girls, in this video, I am sharing with you some amazing clothing tricks and sewing tips that will help you transform your look.
– I show you how to transform your turtleneck t-shirt into an awesome pair of leggings simply by cutting it and then sewing it back again.
– I show you how you can wear your shorts upside down and turn them into an amazing blouse you can wear in the evening.
– If you have an extra pair of jeans lying around, I show you how to turn it into an amazing jean vest to match your outfit.
– For those of you looking to make your t-shirts more interesting to match your style, I show you some creative ways to do so. For example, you can turn an oversized shirt into a two-piece with ah skirt and crop top.

0:07 – Amazing ways to transform your clothes
5:02 – Creative ideas to transform your t-shirt
6:50 – DIY off-shoulder t-shirt
9:08 – Amazing ways to decorate your plain shirts
12:21 – Great Ideas using lace
15:51 – Awesome way to transform a worn-out t-shirt
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  1. Ajaz Ahmed says

    5 minutes craft is very beautiful

  2. Ladan Abdi says

    is no I want to read and now it's red and no hero I want to ride with no other member I said I want to Muno Muno anyone want to know that already know what you're going to know

  3. tEeHeE says

    I swear my mom would be like: umm NO you can not just ruin clothes like that! ?

  4. Naomi the cat lover says

    1:58 if any of u play fortnite then u should know… SHE LOOKS LIKE THE SKYE SKIN!!!!!

  5. Sybella Nikas says

    Wow the 3rd girl looks like Dora

  6. Kimora Cox says

    I love watching this ?

  7. sathibabu ch says

    Nice videos

  8. Anusaya Petkar says


  9. mcdagger1000 says

    Oh look it’s Dora we’ll party’s over

  10. Beatrice NGANDO ELLO says

    Very nice

  11. Desirea Lucas says

    When they said what did you see first my cousin saw a heart but I saw something else look at the video again go to when it has been 10:02 in the video

  12. Rebeka Wardzala says

    To anyone who reads this: You are awesome and unique! Stay safe! Be careful!??

  13. Fantaye Lemesa says

    Bjf z.

  14. Nagraj Poojary says


  15. lory and little says

    Omg that fish yuck ???

  16. Ayan Arman says

    Besharam Thodi tamiz kar lo

  17. Xiaoping Lin says

    Nice life hacks

  18. Just Me says

    :normal people uses hot glue or gorilla glue or fabric glue :five minute crafts uses UHU

  19. Depressed Yoshi says

    8:24 oh! Something simple! I can do tha— i already fucked it up

  20. Clairebear 300 says

    Disgusting who would wear a bra in public?

  21. Kelly Albers says

    Who watches this and never does it like if you do

  22. Melissa Williams says

    I love you guys so much and I love the clothing hacks

  23. Prisness101 says

    I’m legit watching this and crying screaming it’s so uglyNo offense but it is the Dora jacket is just so ugly

  24. Vartika Pallavi says

    I'm not gonna try any of these hacks…but still watching…?

  25. Kidst Kebede says

    That was so great you no we have to try it?

  26. ZackRay/ says


  27. Ellie Rabbit says

    Im watching this going “ OH YEAH! GREAT IDEA TO TURN ALL OF MY PERFECTLY GOOD CLOTHES INTO CROP TOPS!” Also 4:12 Im pretty sure an adult, or anyone should be wearing that as regular clothes in public. Pool maybe?*much sarcasam?

  28. Elsie Thompson says

    Who does she think she is bru? She is gonna tell us how to remake her clothes when all she needs is a new wardrobe!?Edit : the FIRST girl at LEAST!

  29. Calista Schultz says

    4:00 we are going bra-less nowI see how it is

  30. Olivia Lane says

    5:30 whyyy that shirt was so cute before, it hurt me to see you do that edit: 7:22 I WANT TO CRY PLEASE STOP

  31. Itz_ Mimiuxic says

    Don't wanna be rude but Why would you ruin that shirt by cutting it??7:13

  32. Delila Games says

    5 Minuit crafts be like5 minute crafts: what do you see first!?Me: A “sploog” of paint

  33. chase Carter says

    Mom: there is paint on this hoodie Me: ok i'll ware it when i paint Mom: there is paint on this hoodie 5 minute craft: ok, i will sew it to my back pack and when i t rains i will not clean it because it is a pain to take all of my school stuff out while it washes

  34. chase Carter says

    13:45 You guys NEED to understand that most of this vid is people wasting shirts to make crop tops

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