360 Degree TRAVIS SCOTT Astronomical Fortnite CONCERT Close up VR | Live Music Event | REPLAY


Watch the full Travis Scott Fortnite Concert in 360° You control the camera!
Some of this video is done in replay mode to get a closer view. The storm blocks some of the concert.
Watch the Players view in 360° (without the storm) here:

Mobile users: Swipe screen / Move Phone
PC users: use WASD Or hold left mouse button to look around
Or use a Virtual Reality headset

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No commentary! Like always 🙂 Enjoy!
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Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. Marvin owens says

    Rehoboth cuz I'm playing on fort

  2. Lalito1OL2 says

    Ome thanks so much my mom seaid I have to do work will the end
    Was done

  3. jeanette perez says

    I really like 👍 the song 🎵 goosebumps it's my favorite

  4. Kauan Massimiliano Oliveira says

    Omg this sick in vR

  5. Moza Metani says


  6. DANDRE Johnson says

    Me too

  7. taro soramame says


  8. taro soramame says


  9. taro soramame says


  10. taro soramame says


  11. Roe Calibre says

    This is hard to watch in bed

  12. NeverFrosted says

    I did vr and I smashed into my door

  13. Soraia Rodrigues says


  14. Jonatas B says

    Melhor evento!vale!

  15. Malcolm Massenburg says

    You’re content sucks

  16. JALEN SMITH says

    the only travis song i listen to are sicko stargazing goosebumps and the scotts and highest in the room

  17. Milkyshy : says


  18. Caroline Bordeau says

    Putacliqe je voulais voir la vidéo 360 mais sa ne marche pas

  19. jaxplayzgr8 Hyp3r says

    Did you know they made a commercial of this food

  20. jaxplayzgr8 Hyp3r says

    Well did you know they made it commercial this dude

  21. brunogamer 2010 says


  22. Taron Russell says

    It is

  23. AriLibra 5 says

    The Rainbow was Edit I love this video

  24. el pePe proo says

    。 ◕ ‿ ◕ 。 👁️👄👁️ xD

  25. Peewee La Habra says


  26. Liam Muu says

    Thanks for making this video. I wasn't able to see it tho.. Thank u so much tho

  27. Benjamin Salazar says


  28. Benjamin Salazar says


  29. Daniel H says

    You are the greatest person to ever touch fortnite thank You for this

  30. Minion king Yass says

    I remember this

  31. Joe Welsh says


  32. Marcus Robison says

    Is this awesome

  33. Myriam Anneus says

    Ayyyyyy I love this song I’m her son

  34. Lori Green says

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