4K WALK MEXICO CITY virtual walk CDMX slow tv TRAVEL VIDEO, documentary


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【4K】WALK MEXICO CITY 4k virtual walk CDMX slow tv TRAVEL VIDEO, documentary

4k walk , a documentary slow tv travel channel is featuring a series of 4k video walks in Ciudad de Mexico ( CDMX ) for the Day of the Dead 2019 ( Dia de muertos 2019 o dia de los muertos ). México DF is now called Ciudad de México or Mexico City. Dia de muertos en Mexico (Mejico) is a traditional and colorful celebration of mexican culture.

This is one of my city walks along Avenida Francisco I Madero in the historic center of Mexico 4k. Take a virtual tour and virtual hike with me!

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  1. 4K WALK says

    If you like my videos, you can support my channel via PayPal using this link
    Also, you can always help my channel grow with a LIKE on the videos and a COMMENT. No money needed for that

  2. Illi Zizon says

    They do look a lot like Asians/Native Americans and less European than I thought.

  3. mel jimenez says

    Be careful with your belongings

  4. Leonel Castillo says

    Cuando sea grande quisiera vivir y trabajar ahí.

  5. Leonel Castillo says

    Apuesto a que algunos edificios deben estar ahí desde el porfiriato.

  6. Leonel Castillo says

    Algunos edificios sé ben antiguos me gusta.

  7. Leonel Castillo says

    Esta un poco sobre poblada.

  8. Дилфуза Рзамуратова says

    Мешітке Дәретсіз Ит пен Бит та кіріп кетеведі екенда. Бұлар өзі қандай Дін ге кіреді? Әлемі қала екен бірак Мехсикадан айналып келгендеи болдім!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Will Thomas says

    just beautiful I see

  10. Shoaib Imtiaz vlogs says

    Very nice from Pakistan

  11. V. L. S. H. says

    Todos hablan de hermoso y eso, pero lo mejor es como se salva de ser robado durante todo el primer minuto. En el 00:3900:46 te intentaron obstruir el paso para robarte.

  12. Young B likes a drink says

    Mexico City is alot safer then other parts of the country

  13. Jhakobi-G says

    Mexico City looks beautiful!

  14. J. Lex Urcleckmann says


  15. Sr. frethi says

    Bonita cidade, mas acho que era melhor antes da chegada dos europeus

  16. Kurdistan Net Channel KNC says

    Kurdistan Net Channel KNC From Berlin. German Bookseller Selami Demirer.

  17. أيام الزهور says

    So nice country… greeting from Algeria

  18. Elvira Da ROSA SOARES says


  19. Djik Sldb says

    Mi gran sueño es para visitar mezico.

  20. Debora D says

    Beautiful and clean city👍💖

  21. Walk Around says

    Love to watch other countries 🙂

  22. El urbano solitario CDMX says

    AMLO fue quien rescató el centro histórico a muchos ya se les olvidó o son ciegos a las maravillas que realizó como el segundo mejor regente de todo el planeta
    Antes de AMLO era basurero con asfalto y baches

  23. Sky Dalia says

    Looking at the video and trying to see if i spot DULCE MARIA ALAVEZ IN MEXICO

  24. Katia Sonego says

    Amo o México, quero ir conhecer o México é meu sonho ♥️deve ser um país muito lindo

  25. keuliseu sagwa says

    you should also hold a sign that says "smile" or something that helps people not feel awkward and also put your youtube channel on it

  26. Luis Rojas flores says

    Como me gusta caminar por la calle de de Madero.yo vivo en esta hermosa cdmx

  27. Un Usuario says

    En estos días de pandemia, vuelvo a ver este video, y me da mucha nostalgia

  28. 4k itinerantur says

    Muy buen video! Me recuerda cuando visite DF en 2015! Gracias por compartir! Suscrito!

  29. Ildete Paiva says

    México lindo


    What a beautiful place, good job people of Mexico

  31. Edwin says

    The part of mexico they never show you.

  32. Vivek Appuswamy says

    6:02….CORONA CURE CENTRE…🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Faded Vis710 says

    I miss them streets 😭going back soon🥳

  34. Ricky Ticky says

    mexicans are out of shape.

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