[4K] Walk MIAMI BEACH South Beach SLOW TV travel vlogger USA


4k walk , a documentary slow tv travel channel is featuring a series of 4k video walks in Florida. This is a walk along Ocean Drive, in South Beach, Miami Beach: A perfect place for having fun 24/24! This was filmed at sunset, with the after beach crowd. A perfect beach vacation, summer or winter.

【4K】Walk MIAMI BEACH at SUNSET South Beach SLOW TV travel vlogger USA

Watch Miami Beach 4k, in Florida 4k, USA 4k. This is Miami Beach 2020, Florida 2020, USA 2020!
A virtual walk, a walking tour along Ocean Dr. This is a 4k documentary! Enjoy this HDR travel video, a 4k video taken with a cell phone! Watch also the other videos of this Miami Travel on this travel vlog, and other city walks!

Let’s virtual hike!

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  1. 4K WALK says

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  2. Gwen says

    Many many big cows whith smartphones and burgers !!! Great world !!! The end of civilization ???

  3. Scott Shaffer says

    All low rent people, nothing good anymore fights and shootings every weekend,

  4. Cuban Sammiches says

    14:33 I know he mad lmaooo

  5. rtobar23 says

    Many locals dont even bother going to south beach anymore, its all tourists now. Rent and eating out is wayyy to expensive.

  6. Menthal Oh says

    why that unreal looped sound ?

  7. MR EW says

    i love your videos, no overbearing music just beautiful letting us hear the sounds of the people, cars, animals. Thank you

  8. Deddy AG says

    Hai Ladies Greetings from me From Indonesian THANKSLooking for life fartner Terima kasih banyak Thank you very much

  9. Márcio Guimarães says

    Rio de Janeiro..the best of course..????

  10. Claire Kluebly says


  11. Neo Futur-ist says

    You know the virus had to be circulation around Miami at this time.

  12. John Arnold says

    30 dollars for parking ??????????


    Racial profiling at 9:30 smh

  14. Mohamed Haddad says

    العالم الثالث بعد 20 قرن

  15. InternationalIntellectCrowned says

    Plese Tell Us Plese What is that beautiful name of the beautiful sound song at 12:24 =- GOOD GOOD? GOOD GOOD¬!

  16. Unicornrain 246 says

    There are some sights out there?

  17. Fluffy says

    This is realy amazing,so much fun,everyone live for yourself,they live life and don’t pay attention to anyone,this is the life which i want

  18. Trevor Parlane says

    I can understand why Floridians are so dismissive of coronavirus warnings. Why care about tomorrow when you can live for today?

  19. Anuj Tv says

    I love ur videos I just love Miami and I want to ask u is Miami safe for living there permanently ??

  20. KOREA WALK says

    This is very great video!!! 🙂

  21. Stefania Farina says


  22. Lin Vloger says

    I love Miami ❤

  23. มุกดาริน แมนนุสิทธิ์ says

    อยากทราบจังว่าพนักงานเสิร์ฟที่นู่นเขาได้เงินคนละชั่วโมงละกี่บาท ตกเป็นเงินไทยคิดเป็นชั่วโมงละกี่บาทถ้าเป็นคนไทยได้ชั่วโมงละแค่ 42 อยากทำงานเก็บตังค์ได้เร็วเพราะหลังจากนั้นก็เที่ยวอย่างเดียวเลยเมื่อไหร่จะเป็นแบบนั้นสักทีนะ

  24. Lloyd Waters says

    The epitome of art deco. Beautiful !

  25. Roy james says

    Guessing Hookas are now a thing of the past…

  26. Red Street says

    Cheesy vibe?

  27. Danroyd's Barbados Travel Vlogs says

    There is also a Miami Beach here in Barbados. ??????

  28. R Cruz says

    Glad im out of this lifestyle. This shit is so played

  29. Terry B says

    At 13:00, this is typically where the girlfriend or wife looks at you and says "Do you think she's attractive? You can tell me."

  30. Jaya Ram says

    Wow amazing Miami???????

  31. cesar A.Q says

    algun dia te visitare miami beach

  32. Island Knight says

    Great. I can enjoy a walk down Ocean Drive from the comfort of my home! ?

  33. Will Ramirez says

    3:54 no more Johnny Rockets ? ?

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