5 Best Soccer Moves To Get By A Defender


Today, we are going over the 5 best soccer moves to get by a defender in my opinion!

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How To Do A Stepover In Soccer:

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About this video: In this video, we go over some good soccer moves to beat a defender! These are mainly attacking soccer skills to beat a defender, but some can be used in other situations as well. Remember, this is my opinion on the best soccer moves to get around a defender, but you can always use other moves if you find them more effective.

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  1. SimplySoccer says

    Thanks for watching! Today, we are going over the 5 best soccer moves to get by a defender in my eyes! Want to improve your soccer skills massively? Want to become completely confident with the ball at your feet? Check out my brand new course Ultimate Soccer Skills: http://bit.ly/UltimateSkills

  2. Jocelyn Escalante says

    who’s watching in quarantine for when practice starts

  3. Caprice Knispel says

    Do anybody know about Episoketren System? Does it work? I hear many individuals improve their soccer skills with it with this popular training course.

  4. Rational Male says

    you don't look 6'3 to me , you look like you are 5'7 or 5'8 max

  5. ezey elev says

    Die bala ,thats a good one ?

  6. Jigme Woser says

    It is harder to use the moves if the defenders is more aggressive.

  7. Jorge Molina says

    Hehe I am defender ?

  8. Daddy’s Money says

    I just pass?

  9. smallworld77 says

    I started the video at 0.25x. Quite an experience.

  10. Kevin Francisco Gonzalez says

    i just go straight at people like arjen robben. No dancing shit.

  11. talk time says

    I broke my friends ankles with the body fant

  12. Hazim Shahin says

    Amazing video keep going ✔️✔️

  13. themomer 14 says

    I think I use la croqueta and step overs

  14. simon mburu says

    Maradona spin is actually the best

  15. Olivia says

    I have soccer tryouts tomorrow there is four spots left and 15 people who want it I am so scared I really want to get on the team

  16. Papa GangRADIO says

    Die bala why he do dybala like that

  17. PrimoCalcio21 says

    Ronaldo chop I also find very useful for quick stops or fake shots to get yourself a bit of space.Cruyff turn when disguised properly will do the job as well.When a defender is on your back, the reverse step over, faking a pass and turning away.

  18. Sofoklis_foullis says

    Defenders what the hardest to react to?

  19. Francisco Garduno says

    I’m a kid

  20. Manoj Abraham says

    what really sucks about me is that i have soccer games always on Saturdays

  21. Zachary Hill says

    Thank you this was very helpful

  22. Hennessy Cash Tiankee says

    What am I doing here.I can't even dribble a ball

  23. SMC Gmail says


  24. Randall Bird says

    Show how to do it

  25. Xentric ツ says

    the only thing I'm good at there is the maradona ?‍♂️?

  26. Anil Philip says

    someone needs to mow the lawn 🙂

  27. OVERNEE says

    am i the only one who thinks the title just a liiiitle suspect?

  28. Eryk Rich Erykson says

    Thx for helping us defenders knowing our enemies next moves??

  29. Martha Hull says

    like Oooooo Oooo you know my pp is blue

  30. Salem Alsanan says

    The way he said “MaraDONA” so American ?Great vid bro.

  31. Vincent Nguyen says

    Classico really works well for me

  32. Praise Hope says

    Thank you

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