5 Fashion Rules EVERY Woman Should Know


Today I discuss the importance of certain rules that you must follow if you want to look elegant and exceptional at all times! And you can download my FREE Cheatsheet: How To Look Expensive (regardless of budget!)
To learn more about styling yourself like a high-caliber woman!

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  1. School Of Affluence says

    Thank you for watching! Which was the most important tip for you? Do you have a tip with the help of which you’ve elevated your whole look? Share in the comments below! Also, watch my related video These Luxury Bags Are NOT Classy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN_Q2izktzA&list=PLLtTVHnRmkJkulziRD_BQpOSdQ04BOwic&index=4

  2. Diona Diona says

    Dear Anna, that top looks too tight around your armpit area. You do indeed have much better fitting and more flowing types tops you ware on your videos. You are right about the baby blue being your most favorable color. Just that top is a no-go outside of the gym area. Much love and keep up your good work, Diona

  3. Hasina Malek says

    Hey, will you please tell me what colors are mostly suitable for indian women..?

  4. Kina Canjar says

    I love watching your videos and was raised with the same European take on what looks classic and ladylike. So I generally agree with your viewpoint. What I do not understand from listening to you, is why your focus is about teaching women how to find a rich man? Wouldn’t it be better to teach them the value of attaining their own career/support system? I have a husband who is exceptionally handsome, is a wonderful father; and who is successful in his profession. However, I have a career in law, and am happy to say that I can always take care of my family if I have to. One day, when my outward appearance isn’t as important to me, I will feel confident in knowing that I do not need a rich man to support me. You are a smart woman – please teach women about the importance of earning their self reliance through education.

  5. Ana Fuentes says

    “If you’re a redhead, pink is probably the worst color you can ever wear”. And there goes Disney, giving Ariel a pink dress ?????

  6. Akasha Raye Brujita says

    Agree. In this color you look fresh and healthy.

  7. Maple A. says

    I always thought pink on redheads was so cute… especially baby pink

  8. A H says

    Turquoise and green are the best colours for red heads.

  9. Kaitlin Beste says

    Yes I would love in depth on each subject

  10. Joy Usman says

    This is informative. Every color looks great on dark skin girls tho.

  11. Nilda Venice says

    I’m glad you addressed black. It overwhelms lots of people. Magenta is my color. I get so many compliments when I wear magenta.

  12. Oloja Deborah says

    You made me start my blog,I quote you on there too.

  13. Lizzie Tang says

    baby blue, baby pink, navy blue, red~ look good on you!~ i think beige might not that great on you because your hair is blonde so … they could blend all in together. but anyways you still look gorgeous no matter what ~

  14. bab000shka says

    Very good video! Thank you, Anna! I have extremely light skin, with pretty cool undertone, the same as yours. ? BABY BLUE is my favorite color. It looks good on me, and I find it eye-soothing. But the most flattering color for my tan is turquoise. It's a bluish shade of light green. It makes me look fresh as a rose bud, young as a teenager. ?

  15. Gloria says

    One thing I've noticed is women rarely wear slips under their dresses anymore. Maybe you could talk about that. And how no slip works for every dress. A woman needs several types and colors. Red dresses do not work for me. However i found that yellow is my wow factor. With my tan olive skin tone. I also found that my favorite colors may not work in a blouse or dress yet can work in a pant or skirt. Or maybe only as an accent or in small doses in a scarf.

  16. Alyson Mcgowan says

    You are a God send !

  17. Grace Vicente says

    I love your videos, I’ve been watching some of them. And its really valuable. But I don’t remember when I watched a more recent video of yours so I don’t know if you’re still using these words so many times “for instance”, just be careful with that. Sorry, I know you didn’t asked for opinion, but I work with marketing here in Brazil so I kind of see and hear what most people don’t. Please, keep up helping us to level up! Thank you for all the effort for us!!!

  18. Sherry Edwards says

    Great tips.

  19. Marta Manno says

    all the best Anna ?a really great young lady ! ❤️

  20. MsKittyCruz says

    You're a true cool tone. I like baby colors (pale colors) on you. Very light, very elegant. Baby blue, baby pink, lavender, grey, beige,…etc.

  21. Irene Kristi Linette says

    I have an hourglass figure and I found that belts and coats are my bestfriend ?

  22. Hannah Eining says

    Thanks for this video! I would love to see an in depth video on how to determine whether your skin tone is warm or cool as well as how to determine what your “wow” colors are! Is there a guide or even an online quiz tool I can use? Thanks!

  23. Jazzy Jazz says

    I usually wear a nice black dressy ? when I'm going out with the guy I like and that way "treating" him. ☺️

  24. helen nyamutsamba says

    Thank you so much, Very informative, me I like looking extremely Good all.the time

  25. Lys D. says

    Please di a video about belts ?

  26. Jennifer Bosshard says

    Check out dressing your truth it is a similar system that focuses on energy profiling.I have watched a lot of your videos and very much enjoy them.Thanks

  27. Chigurl says

    ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???? ???????? ??????? ?????????????…

  28. catwalkeyes says

    this have helped me a lot, thanks!!

  29. Ishita Malhotra says

    Can you please do a video on how to do a colour analysis?

  30. witttlewholesome says

    can you do an entire video on color theory? I want to know what colors look best on me!

  31. I Chávez says

    Thanks for the Cameron Diaz example, im not an elegant lady as you are and i dont have the money for expensive clothes but i do like clothing and fashion, and you just have a good advice for that type of body because i think mine's like that. I used to like stretch dresses but never look good on me and i one day start to wear dresses that made an ilusion of having a shape like the ones you shoeed with cameron and my closset just change for ever, the v neck is everything to me because it makes the upper part of my body look more delicate, and focus on the waist and not the hips change completly the way i see my body. I saw your Cameron Diaz example and i realize i made the right choice.

  32. Temple Church Yoga says

    I am so obsessed with color theory- Color theory changed my life- I was so excited when you started talking about this method! Love you ?

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