1. Bilal Chaudhry says

    so sweet lovely tips thank you so much. bless you

  2. Grey Gamer says

    what controller is used in this video??

  3. Jakes Drone Addiction says

    Great tips but you need to find better lighting or something bud. You look tremendously irritating in that light.

  4. Caspar Ahlers-Diver says

    What transmissiter are you using?

  5. Huw John says

    peripheral vision…

  6. Jon Tatum says

    what about cc3d?

  7. MsKoffeinjunky says

    I think camera angle is the best tip . the more angle you got the faster you fly automaticly

  8. Jrod FPV says

    newbie question – i understand Tx expo, but what is flight controller input scaling?

  9. tyler johnson says

    Great video thank you.

  10. Josh fpv says

    sweet one:)

  11. Josh fpv says

    5 or 6 in props?

  12. arghone says


  13. Daniel Allen says

    Very informative! The Stick Scaling or Rates in Naze32 is something very new to me, coming from the APM. The looking ahead tip sounds great, but I can't see how you can navigate through the tree with just periphery. I'll try it.

  14. Dustin Schlayer says

    Gregg, awesome job! Your video's are very well planed and constructed! Keep up the great work. 

  15. Ben Portman says

    Great tips!

  16. Jake Bullit says

    Top tips. Like what your doing.

  17. flanker says

    Very good tips and amazing vid as always. I really should stop being a pu**y and start flying in acro mode more often 😀 

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