5 meals I eat each week » vegan & healthy


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  1. Pick Up Limes says

    Did you see what happened at 0:44? Sooo here’s the thing: I like to take strategic bites of my oatmeal, getting a bit of each topping onto the spoon, but sir Robin just mixes everything together from the get-go. Whaaa!? I think he’s a bit crazy… but maybe I’m the one that’s crazy? Which camp are you in? Strategic bites, or the mix-and-swirl?

  2. Janhvi Srivastava says

    You know a lot about vegan food..and they look tasty as well.?

  3. amrit kaur says

    Whenever I watch this channel videos I feel sleepy and it's so soothing I always thinking of making what she does and ended up just eating what we do everyday hahha but love watching u m also a vegetarian

  4. kanmanee nampakdee says

    I grew up with Thai heavy tasted food. I wish to enjoy Western foods cos I'm vegetarian once a week. But the ingredients are very rare and also expensive here in Thailand compared to local veggies.

  5. Kunang Agung says

    More indo inspired recipes!

  6. eichvarea says

    For someone so conscious of nutrition you shouldn't through out the water in which you cook veggies… They're full of nutrients

  7. Vegan Exterminator says

    Ethical arguments against veganism:
    1. If someone doesn't feel pain, is it okay for us to break their bones? If not, vegans shouldn't eat plants either. For example, people born with congenital analgesia cannot feel pain and are far more susceptible to life-threatening injuries than others. Even though they can feel discriminative touch and have normal cognition and sensation.
    2. Plants are sentient or self-aware by the same standards animals are deemed to be self-aware. https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/full/10.1098/rspb.2015.1379
    3. If a higher intelligence is the reason why animals should be spared from being eaten and plants shouldn't, then there's nothing wrong with eugenics either.
    4. What should we do about the problem of obligate carnivores? Should we sterilize them en masse and make them go extinct in the process? In a world free of carnivores, herbivores must face a stiffer competition against each other to procure food for themselves. In a world of limited resources, death and suffering is inevitable either way. A herbivorous species must either ward off, maim or starve a rival species of herbivores to death in order to fend for their own and secure territory. How is this any better?
    5. If it's okay for animals to eat other animals including human beings, but not the other way round, then why are we applying any moral standards at all? If animals are incapable of moral agency and can't form a social contract with humans, then it's preferential treatment for animals which is inherently unjust towards and discriminatory against human beings. In nature, those who make the best utilization of whatever resource is available for them as food have a higher chance of survival and get to reproduce more.
    6. Humans are obligate carnivores in nature. Even if it's in the narrow sense that we get our B12 from animal products and in some climates, our vitamin D (D3) as well. Our bodies were designed to break down meat. Why is something natural wrong, even if it has features that are unpleasant? Should we get rid of gender too since men have unfair physical advantages over women?
    7. Meat is required for optimal health. There are nutrients in animals that we simply cannot find in plants. Then there's the fact that we can more readily absorb essential nutrients from animal products than from plants due to the lack of antinutrients, which in some cases, can be lethal. Plus, animal nutrients exist in a more bioavailable form in comparison to the plant variety. For example, retinol vs beta carotene, heme iron vs non heme iron etc. Why should we consume a prohibitive amount of nutrient sparse food which is time-consuming, uncomfortable and unhealthy due to its high fiber content and can even ruin our guts?
    8. If both plants and animals are off the menu due to ethical considerations, should chemically produced food alternatives and nutrient supplements be the future of "food" for humanity? Why should we substitute food with chemical goo when our bodies are best adapted to and have evolved over millions of years to their current state fueled by an omnivorous diet? The potential consequences could be disastrous for our species in the long run.
    9. In the near future, the already existent cultured meat will become commercially available at an inexpensive price for mass consumption. If a human donor can donate a pound of their flesh to feed a small town in the process, why is it unethical to procure it from animals instead? If altruism is a good thing, why are humans to blame for the shortcomings of animal cognition? A portion of cultured pork meant for human consumption can be fed back to pigs as well.
    10. Why should it ever be right to prevent a man from raising his own animals for food? Why should we infringe on individual liberty? Both cultured meat or a supplement aided vegan diet is dependent on big corporations and the expertise of a small, elite group of specialists. Why should people from other walks of life throw their most basic right away to the whims of a powerful minority? If they get to control our bodies, they get to control our policies as well.
    11. Is animal exploitation wrong even when it saves human lives? If it is, doesn't it imply that the life of a few animals are more important than that of a human patient? Is this needless? Should we let nature take it's course? Then why is it wrong to eat meat? Isn't it natural too?
    12. If vegans really value animal lives, including that of rodents and insects, shouldn't they adopt a lifestyle that causes minimum harm to them without being outright misanthropic? Shouldn't vegans avoid fruits and vegetables that depend on beekeeping? Shouldn't they take a more anti-civilization stance in general and be more closer to nature like those of the uncontacted tribes of the world? If not, how is the impact of civilization upon non-human animals not tantamount to ethnic cleansing through population displacement in a human context at the very least? Not to mention crop deaths, pest control, uprooting wildlife habitats etc. Isn't it grossly inconsistent to be vegan while reaping the benefits of modern civilization at the same time? Is the life of an earthworm or a fruit fly less valuable than that of a cow or a dog? If so, is this a morally consistent position?

  8. 周冠霖 says

    Putting a lot of sugars in…..

  9. Amanda Chen Tsai says

    Best oatmeal recipe ever❤️

  10. W T Sports says

    Ahhhhh on his knees …. Can I marry those hands? … ?‍♂️

  11. CBD So Many Health Benefits!!!! says

    These meals look so Delicious!!!Love, Light, Peace & Gratitude.

  12. Jenny Berger says

    How do you reheat a lot like the curry with spinach in it already? It gets gross? Is that just my opinion

  13. Marija Stanišić says

    I tried the pancakes and OMG are they delicious??My favourite toppings are almond butter,raspberries, chia seeds and a LOT of honey drizzled on top?Thank you for sharing theese lovely recepies?

  14. Sd Broy says

    The dinner recipe is too tedious for a busy person’s routine. This way most of the evening would be spent in preparing, cooking and washing. It would be nice if you can please show some quicker dinner recipes.

  15. Kieran Pires says

    How do you make the stewed fruit with frozen fruit

  16. Nurse Ish says

    Pumpkin soup… either puree or vegetable

  17. Roguejin Da says

    Why people smile while talking about normal things?Is this a new trend to look pleasant on screen?

  18. Sarojini RATHAKRISHNAN says

    T?Thank you

  19. Wendy Modeste says

    My go to meal in the morning for breakfast is Steel Cut Oats cooked with Chickpeas, topped with blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries!

  20. Nelly Strelnikova says

    Not a fan of peanut butter, but everything else looked great!

  21. مريم البابطين says

    Arabic food have a lot vegan dishes i can show you and learn you the recipes

  22. How to lose weight in one month says

    Great ideas!

  23. SK Marvel says

    great stuff over here. i am vegan so will definitely like to keep up.

  24. Najia Ahmadi says

    Your videos are very helpful.

  25. Carla Alhinho says

    Love pick up limes.

  26. sidse vang laumann says

    Oatmeal with blueberries and apple slices. Curry ^^ and quinoa salads :3

  27. The Roamin' Catholic says

    Are there any tips for eating avocado. I’ve never been a huge fan of it, but it’s a staple for health foods and veganism.

  28. Gee Powa says

    If you this is how curry is made….you are very much mistaken

  29. Kayla Egas says

    My whole family is Dutch, and we are living in Canada. We have a Dutch store nearby us, and 100% love those sprinkles:)

  30. Rae Gibson says

    These look good….. I think anyone would love these no matter if they are vegan or not….

  31. tremawe12 says

    Untertitel sind nicht da, sehr schade

  32. Anzhelika Minasyan says

    What can you use instead of coconut milk in curry?

  33. lindegirl 333 says

    What brand is your bread

  34. Julie H says

    I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I definitely want to try some of your recipes. Everything looks so yummy!

  35. Jen Soldat says

    I love your pan! I didn't see it listed in the gadgets… does anyone know what kind it is?

  36. Aly K. says

    Your recipes are soooooo creative, I can't wait to try them Thanks so much for sharing them. I'm going to look into six, also. Aly, age, 76.

  37. Le Lo says

    I never thought I would have liked oatmeal till now

  38. Pooja Venugopal says

    I could listen to you speak all day, something so calming and positive vibrations all around. Thanks Sadia for making these amazing videos!!

  39. gmom31 says

    What is the mock meat you used in your husband's bean recipe and what store carries it?

  40. keisterroll says

    her shits must be amazing

  41. Sofi Homes says

    Can you please make an updated version of this? This is soo helpful

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