5 SECRET TRAVEL HACKS (make your life easier)


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After traveling to 171 countries over the last 7 years, I’ve picked up a wealth of travel insights, tips and hacks which make my life easier and more efficient on the road.

In today’s video, I wanted to share with you 5 simple hacks that I use pretty much every time I am on the road.

You know what would make this post so much more valuable? If you guys could share your best travel hacks, so everyone reading this can benefit!

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  1. AKRAMZ says

    On the bathrooms on the plane, just pull the no smoking sign up because you can lock the bathroom from outside and then you can get your own restroom without waiting

  2. Miguel Gutierrez says

    try to sit in the middle seats bcoz its safer if the Plane Crashes

  3. Andrea Domo-Ibea says

    Hack number 2 but tweaked lol: My favourite travel hack is pretending to be pregnant on flights. I hide an extra bag that I don't want around my stomach. I cover my "pretty belly" with another layer or two of clothes, a jacket or a blowy vest, and an equally flown scarf . I walk around in a penguin like fashion, and by the time I get to the plane, someone offers me their seat near the front and the window seat. I've done this on Ryanair because they suck.

  4. szarka86 says

    You did not made playlists for every country or even continent??? How should I find for example North Korea or rare countries like that? ? – Please, do it. ??

  5. g mail says

    0:38 Czech Airlines!

  6. ElectricCreep444/ EC444 says

    Drew i know that paying more money for bags is annoying, but more weight = more fuel which means the arline has to pay more

  7. Pie YT says


  8. RoyaleStarPlayz says

    And also if you don't care about who will leave first go to the back for better service

  9. ladysmntha says

    Drew: Take it to StarbucksMe in North Korea: Hmmmmm

  10. John K. Lee says

    I don’t agree with your hack #2. I hate people who maximize or even have the heaviest carry-on luggage just because they’re too cheap to pay for a check-in. There’s a reason why there’s an 8kg limit for carry-on – safety. It’s really annoying when you’re trying to off board the plane and have to wait for this tourist to haul his or her massive carry-on luggage that could take out someone’s head if they’re not careful. Now imagine in an emergency if you’re told to leave that stuff behind and jump out of the plane. These are the same people who would not listen to safety protocols and insist on bringing their “valuables” with them. And you can bet that pretty soon, people who abuse this simple rule would lead airlines to ban carry-on luggage totally.

  11. Arjay Ads says

    Thank you Summit for sponsoring this video

  12. One Way Ticket with Scott Anthony says

    Great vid! Thanks for the wifi and map tips.

  13. Caribyano H says

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  14. Immanuel M says

    Next time ama check your bag

  15. Abiib Mohamoud says

    Hack number 2 when you give a somaliland airpass ?❤️

  16. ApeNatic says

    Did anyone else think that he was the scout from tf2 in the thumbnail??

  17. KimchiBBQ친구 says

    This is awesome. Thanks

  18. Kanti Ashokkumar says

    Nice video

  19. GKFlipper says

    501th comment

  20. MASTER OF NONE says

    Wow.. great Google maps tip

  21. Edgar Velez says

    why are your videos always so short

  22. martin chapman says

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  23. Tim Polk says

    EXCELLENT. Well done.

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