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5 SHOES AN ELEGANT LADY NEVER WEARS – In this video I’m showing you 5 Show styles an Elegant lady would NEVER wear.



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  1. thats_so_like_me squad says

    An eloquent lady would make sure her teeth were done to 🙋🏽‍♀️🤣🤣 on here telling people what not to wear this why I'm logging off 🤣🤣🏃🏾‍♀️💨 because there is definitely someone listening to this lady and believing her smh

  2. Kristina With a K says

    No way am I giving up my Uggs anytime soon!

  3. ConstanceMarkiewicz says

    For 'elegant' read 'Beige' Gawd….

  4. anthony harvey says

    Elegant = old, young = sexy.

  5. maureen naidoo says

    That image number 1 was idious.. Lockdown… No place for your elegant or outdated tips. Wear yr takkies ladies.

  6. TIGER DIGA says


  7. Su yutong says

    big gap between tooths

  8. Jayme Caughron says

    Also, IF you want to know what "elegant" ladies wear, just look up pictures of the Royals…. they Never go wrong 😉

  9. Jayme Caughron says

    In Texas, we wear "elegant" flip flops year round 😁

  10. Patricia Robinson says

    Luggs are easy to get dirty and worn out….?

  11. Ly Dang says

    You talking so fast ! Cannot hearing. Please talking slowly.

  12. Epithany Reighn says

    I dont agree with all these tips because if u dont look old why dress old, you can wear some younger pieces and make it classy but some tips are helpful❤💞🕊

  13. Epithany Reighn says

    Im 44 and I dont like wearing heels and I pull it off beautifully, honestly me and striper shoes never got along

  14. Stacey Gregory says

    Elegant lady….not to be confused with old lady. Luckily fashion is completely subjective.Wear what makes you feel good or sexy.Yes even uggs

  15. Athenais LaMar says

    Well, cheap high heels never look good. If you can walk in very high heels look good!!! I do not agree with your choices. The entire outfit is what counts!!

  16. E Dennis says

    I wear Ugg boots outside when it's below zero. Sue me.

  17. Minoja Maria Valdes Abaroa says

    This is so full of prejudice! There is no need to look like an old lady to look elegant. Elegance has to do with attitude as much as it has to do with the clothes one wears. And clothes are a language that help us project who we are. If you stay within this boundaries, you are cutting many words to your vocabulary, so to speak.

  18. Sandra Grümmer says

    Thanks you I enjoyed

  19. soyoloo tumurbaatar says

    the number 2 is horrible boot I ever seen in my life. from the beginning I didn't like that as UGG boots it will only make you look like homeless or disability 90 year old woman and weak. please don't wear girls

  20. fabiola gonzalez hughes says

    And now… elegant means boring… life is too short to follow stupid rules🤦

  21. Silvia van Lieshout says

    I'm an elegant lady and my favorite brand is Irregular Choice, which has everything and the kitchen sink on them XD Elegance and grace is how you carry yourself.

  22. Silvia van Lieshout says

    Sorry but all those kitten heel shoes, especially the ones with the pointy noses, look ridiculous. They look weirdly proportioned, and flappy like duck's feet. Then just go for a nice flat, or a mid-heel instead. I can see from your video you have a love of pointy toed shoes/boots, but I find them ugly, even aggressive looking. Besides they're very uncomfortable as they either squish your toes together or you have to size up, and with a size UK8 already that just makes your feet look gigantic… Nothing flattering about a pointed toe shoe.

  23. Hali St. Louis says

    I like most of the shoes you posted. That being said, nothing kills a look like walking in shoes that are too high. Ive been guilty of it and Ive seen it over and over in the party district

  24. Oanh kim Lam says

    I like my shoes sexy n elegant. The ones u recommended are eeh. I guess I could wear to meet the queen, met my boyfriend parents for the first time. Maybe afternoon tea w grandmom

  25. Glenice Johnson says

    Whatever Lady…. Fashion is in the eyes of the beholder.

  26. Women of God says


  27. Piano Dreams - Mariya Simeonova says

    I agree with some of the statements but when elegant lady lives in winter with -20 degree Celsius, the last one with the ticker sole is a must. Let's be elegant but not suicidal….

  28. Deborah Luongo says

    I always look forward to your fashion advice! Such great ideas and great knowledge thanks for sharing Happy Thanksgiving! Lord knows we need it! 🙏

  29. Anji Kita says

    Rules are made to be broken.

  30. Chyrill A. LT. says

    You are 100 % right.

  31. Victoria Perkovic says


  32. Edna Mode says

    Why are women who teeter /stumble around awkwardly in platform stilettos, stereotyped as fools? Because people know that these women are willing to risk a twisted ankle, torn tendon, sprain, etc in the hopes that others will see them as sexier, taller, thinner, glam…And I agree that stilettos can make women/men look bimbo sexy. – But that’s not the smart sophisticated look that’s this video is about.

  33. Patty Fausto says

    Kitten heels = old lady

  34. Chester Gordon says

    She makes a Statement about elegant Ladys not modern Ladys. It is quite difference. And therefore is here no Reason to LOL.

  35. Alpha Fé says


  36. jcholland says

    Every woman know what suits her well. You just wear whatever you like depending on the mood of the day… 🤣

  37. Holly Golightly says

    Great video. Thanks. For those defending your UGG boots, Gemma said at 1:34 that "….in her OPINION…..I believe they are best worn indoors", the operative word being "OPINION", so don't blow a gasket. 🙂

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