5 Ultimate Italian Inspired Dishes • Tasty


Float on a cloud of Italian cuisine with the ultimate Italian inspired dishes, they’re an absolute dream!

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Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. teodorcora says

    Ma che so ste cagate

  2. teodorcora says

    La pizza in padella nooo

  3. Beatris Beatris says

    Sometimes i dont think i realise how lucky i am to live every day eating the best food in the world

  4. Chiara Laganà says

    2:02 classic Italian piazza?! I don't understand now

  5. swarna baghel says

    Pizza be like – hii I'm burned pizza

  6. Luciana Nobrega says

    Have here any italian? If the ensewer is yes, say to uss haw are you feeling when you see these recipes!

  7. Maddalena Ercoli says

    ma cristoforo colombo non se poteva fa li cazzi sua?

  8. Licia Peddis says

    Che abominio,perché devono per forza distrugere la cultura culinaria del cibo italiano ?

  9. nimalka sandamali says

    Wow.. I wanna eat those.. Looks really yummy

  10. rare says

    About that eggplant boats it is originally a turkish dish called karnıyarık. Karnı-yarık means cutted from the belly. The belly of an eggplant. You slice the eggplant more like one slice and stuff it with minced meat and tomato sauce. You should not be adding any cheese.

  11. 나우영 says

    어린이 클래식 창작백과과백작창 식래클 이린어

  12. 나우영 says


  13. 나우영 says


  14. Diego2008 says

    2:00 classic pizza margherita sta michia, l'hanno fatta in padella porca di quella madonna

  15. SG07 says


  16. Dragica mackic says

    Tango is Argentinan music!

  17. Lucapar45 says

    I really liked all these recipes, and I am Italian… GG

  18. Un Alessia Selvaggia says

    As an Italian this video had me cringe so hard. Its not it ??

  19. Rachele Bruccoleri says

    From 3:04 you can see an accurate representation of how to destroy Italian tradition in 2 minutes.

  20. Elisabeth Fanfan says

    I may not be italian but i think i gonna order some real food not fast food pizza down the steet

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