5 Years Later… | THE GREEK ODYSSEY FM20 | Football Manager 2020


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Another episode in my Road to Glory FM20 series with Greek second tier side Apollon Smyrnis. This Football Manager 2020 series starts off in the Greek Super League 2 – we’ve got no money, no fans and no idea how to speak the language. But we do have Mrs Wearmouth’s millions, which she’s used to build a state of the art youth facility and some lofty ambitions of Apollon winning the Champions League and Greece winning the World Cup. If she can find a recently retired Kev…

This is going to be a kind of hybrid Youth Academy challenge (but not quite) and Building a Nation (but not quite) save, of course with an added Kev spin…

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  1. Jimboola says

    Milo =Last man standing! 😳

  2. Marius Hegli says

    I have nothing to say really, but I appreciate your content, and wish to help with the yt-algorithms.

  3. Mr. Ovalle says

    kev, I don't know if you can keep the lure of a big club out from the players wanting to go. You said it yourself that all the best clubs had interest in almost the entire team. Maybe since they did have a good relationship with you, they might hypothetically feel bad to leave you. But once you left, they had no reason to be there and Mrs. Wearmouth was satisfied with ANY kind of money.

    It's almost like here in the states as baseball players get signed by the Yankees, every player ever interviewed say that the move was a dream of a life time. You can't run from it. If teams are going to throw money at you, more than likely those players will leave. There is no more loyalty among soccer (football) players these days.The only loyalty displayed is the loyalty of the fans. THAT'S IT!

  4. Joseph Banks says

    The Greece job is insecure so you should jump back in but just to be the Greek manager! Like so he can see

  5. keith watson says

    Go for club rating, find a nation you fancy managing in and then find a club you love, make them the best club in the world in the rating!

  6. Adam Pass says

    Kev, how about a save in Norway 🇳🇴 as your next adventurous save. You could take Fredrikstad who are like the 2nd most successful Norwegian team but in lower division and take them to the top like you did apollon

  7. Tom Hinds says

    I have never seen a mass exodus like that before ever on FM 😅. I think it shows how well you did keeping those players

  8. Wan A. Hakkim says

    "Font played at several big clubs. And Arsenal."

    Well said Kev. XD

  9. Sidd Kumar says

    Also maybe start with both the international and club job

  10. Keith Clika says

    pls be the manager of olympiacos on your next save . We would love to see that!!!

  11. Lunch at Marco's says

    What a wonderful journey this save has been

  12. Lunch at Marco's says

    To be honest, I think it’s good and realistic it happened you look at clubs like Ajax in a bigger better league players leave but for it to happen like that in one summer, saddening.

    I don’t think there’s much you can do unless the league was bigger, also next time really got to try develop the clubs academy players not just importing young players.

  13. Heizenblog says

    A couple of things to get excited about and a lick of paint really, not sure at the moment, and the interface is clearly made for consoles. May wait for a big price drop

  14. Dane Wilson says

    I think Ireland or the Ukraine could be good shouts for this save next year.

  15. Hyjack says

    For FM21 before you leave, or at least sometime during the save, make a philosophy meeting with the board. Regardless of what it means for you while you're managing, the next manager usually is held to those same philosophies. If you set it to signing big name players then the next manager will probably replace the out-transfers with more skilled players reflecting the reputation of the club. If you also set a philosophy to playing attacking football, then the manager will sign big name players that are skilled in an attacking tactic, same with defensive or possession. Its a way you can have some sort of control over how much the club will keep to your legacy 5 years later.

  16. Forza Vale says

    What happened to Halliaj? Wasn't he one of the first out of the youth squad?

  17. Josh Lee says

    Good series kev

  18. Alex Golder says

    what a series

  19. Steven Wertyuiooo says

    We should also mention the fact that the Greek League became a 4 star reputation League and 6th best after the big 5(probably big 6 in this save)!!!!

    A different Kev would have found it a lot easier to win the Champions League from a such a reputable League!!!

    I don't think that Apollon did fall out in the end as much as the League caught up with Apollon.

  20. Lewis Black says

    Do Ukraine with Olexandriya or Zorya, they both seem to churn out class young players on most of my saves

  21. Callum Howells says

    Got to be the likes of San Marino or andora next year

  22. Piotr Wołejko says

    Wow, couldn't have even imagined such an exodus to take place right after you left. Basically every decent player said: I am outta here and booked tickets to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Madrid or elsewhere. Was a great achievement of yours to keep them all at Apollon, relatively happy & productive, to the point of winning CL.

    As this is your last video of this series, I have to say "Thank You!" for most enjoyable save on YT I have ever watched. Was amazingly fun and entertaining, the struggle was real and it ended with a blast. What else could a viewer ask for? Cheers and see you around with FM21. Personally I am not sure about purchasing Touch version for tablet, as it shouldn't be that much of a difference compared to FM20 and as I got FM20 around 6 months after it was released, I still have loads of saves to do and players to check myself. With only 3 nations that could be loaded for one save, I miss on so many wonderkids and prospects. Still didn't have Ait-Nouri or Hlozek 😀

  23. Just Another Betrayed Brit says

    The Greece job is insecure Kev… just saying.

  24. 10.10 23.0 says

    The AIs inability to manage transfers is still the Achilles heel of this game.

  25. Dan says

    Merola has to be the biggest unsung hero of the save
    The numbers he did for years on end were unbelievable but because Damian was up front for most of them he got massively overshadowed

  26. Michael Waddington says

    It is possible to get the Greece job as a non Greek. In my save I got the job with English nationality at the same point you applied for it. Not sure why you didn't get it. The only thing I did differently was not show interest and the board didn't kick off unlike Mrs Wearmouth

  27. B04 Flo says

    We had 116 episodes of this series and we still don't know how tall Bilbao is.

  28. EJ Shaw says

    Would be good to see you as a bit of a mourinhio in a small league. Taking jobs at some of the different teams trying to win the league with each of them. That way you can build each teams youth systems and have the nation improve together.

  29. Mark Gowans says

    Come to Scotland. Pick an unfashionable team and break the Old firm dominance. I suggest my home town club Dundee who havent won the league since 1961 and have been in administration twice in the last few decades and are in the championship and dont have much in the way of money. Should be easy to someone like you Kev

  30. Calex says

    I’d love an fm21 save like this!

  31. Calex says

    Richard was the one imo, just never started enough

  32. Ali K says

    Hey Kev, I think you can make a series just next to Greece. Please come save Turkish football, I would love it if you take Tarsus İdmanyurdu. Last year Mersin İdman Yurdu, former biggest club of my city closed and now our best team is Tarsus İY.
    You can also take Altınordu as well, they are the reason why Turkish football has some hope. They produce great talent while they are still not in the biggest league in Turkey. I hope you can see this and consider it.

  33. Adam Dawes says

    I think players would stay if there is a higher league and club reputation but also the club has a healthy bank balance so they aren't forced to sell. So maybe a 4.5 star reputation for both the league and club but you also need to retire with no debt and a bank balance of a certain amount

  34. Jonathan Birkenshaw says

    Mitar Crnojackis Boyhood Club and take Serbia to glory with him as the owner.

  35. Black Diamond Euphoria says

    Jesus, that video shows how poorly the AI deals with the reputation growth of a club

  36. BostonUnitedFM says

    Bruno Batata… it means no worries

  37. AJellySnake Rebel says

    wait… Apollon finished 2nd but in that tab with history it says Apollon finished 1st? what?

    2nd placed @ 2:43 vs 6:36 1st placed same season finish?

  38. George BCFC says

    Loved That intro 😂

  39. Shane Commins says

    Tbf, the AI did okay rebuilding the squad after that hideous gutting, at least by the standards of this game's AI.

  40. West Fall says

    FCK 1 for fm 21. Theyre in the bundesliga 3 and you can only sign eu players

  41. DRE 04 says

    Kev: Retires
    Appollons Trophy Cabinet: Ight imma be empty again

  42. Daniel Burke says

    Just goes to show how broken some of these things are. 1, the team was dismantled before Kev's seat was cold and 2, people walked onto the icons list since he left despite all the years Kev and the lads had to work to get there.

  43. ObviouslyKieran2 says

    No one caught the Man Utd lawsuit joke at 20:24?

  44. Cwieku says

    same shit happened to my club in Poland in FM19 so I swore to myself that I would no longer check what AI would do to my club In such a situation 😀

  45. ahmed mazeed says

    Hey Kev. Take up this first spanish team by the name of CE Europa FC. Its in the lower tiers so might need to wait a little. #lollujo

  46. JMThought says

    Omg I’ve never seen such a gutting. Imagine the scenes. Fans revolting against the owners. Massive spaghetti fight.

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