50 Things to do in London Travel Guide


London is one of the most visited cities in the whole world, and it’s easy to see why. It is vibrant, it is exciting, and there’s something to do every single night of the week. You could spend a full year in London and never run out of new places to visit, but since we were a bit more limited with our time, we decided to film a city guide showcasing 50 things to do in London. We hope this will help showcase some of the sights and attractions this city has to offer, and that it’ll come in handy for anyone out there planning a trip. Let’s begin!

1) Trafalgar Square (Charing Cross)
2) St Martin-in-the-Fields Anglican Church
3) London Eye Ferris Wheel (Millennium Wheel)
4) Fish and chips
5) Borough Market
6) Double-decker Bus
7) Platform Nine and Three-Quarters (Hogwarts Express)
8) Buckingham Palace
9) Changing of the Guard
10) St. James’s Park
11) Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament)
12) Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower)
13) The Regent’s Park (Royal Parks of London)
14) Westminster Abbey (Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster)
15) Horse Guards at the Household Cavalry Museum
16) HMS Belfast Museum Ship ( Royal Navy light cruiser)
17) Thames River Cruise
18) Tower Bridge
19) Tower of London Historic Castle (Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress)
20) Tate Modern Art Gallery
21) English Breakfast (Full Breakfast)
22) Arsenal Football Club Soccer Team
23) Camden Market
24) Camden Lock (Hampstead Road Locks)
25) Cereal Killer Cafe
26) Alternative Afternoon Tea
27) Street Art in Shoreditch
28) Ride the Tube (London Underground – The Underground)
29) Ride a bike (London’s public bicycle scheme – Santander Cycles)
30) Covent Garden
31) Harrods Department Store
32) Drink a pint at a local pub
33) St Paul’s Cathedral (Cathedral Church of St Paul the Apostle)
34) Shakespeare’s Globe (the Globe Theatre)
35) Natural History Museum
36) Victoria and Albert Museum (the V&A)
37) Theatre performance at London’s West End
38) Kensington Palace royal residence set in Kensington Gardens
39) Sherlock Holmes Museum
40) The Shard (Shard of Glass – Shard London Bridge)
41) The Walkie-Talkie (20 Fenchurch Street skyscraper)
42) The British Museum
43) Portobello Road in Notting Hill
44) Queen Mary’s Gardens
45) Regent’s Canal
46) The National Gallery art museum
47) The National Portrait Gallery
48) Steak and Ale Pie (Steak Pie)
49) Churchill War Rooms underground complex
50) Madame Tussaud’s wax museum

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Our visit London travel guide covers some of the top attractions including the best in arts, entertainment, museums, nightlife and restaurants in London. We also cover off-the-beaten-path activities that you won’t find in your typical tourism brochure or London city guide.

50 Things to do in London Travel Guide | Top Attractions London City Guide Transcript:

So Hello from London! Time for a new destination. This is a city that I haven’t visited in almost 4 years. So we’re both very excited to be in London. And we’re going to be making a little video guide. Actually a really big video guide because we plan on showing you 50 different things to do around London.

Our first stop was Trafalgar Square. This square leads to a lot of central attractions, so it’s a nice place to people watch, get your bearings, and plan out where you want to go in the city.

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the Thames. It offers a bird’s eye view of the city.

Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence for Britain’s sovereigns since 1837. The State Rooms at Buckingham Palace are open to visitors every year.

The Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament, is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Palace along with Big Ben are two of the top London attractions that dot the city-scape.

The Tower of London sits on the north bank of the River Thames.

And that’s a wrap for London! Like with any mega city, it’s impossible to cover all the sights and attractions you can enjoy here, but hopefully this video will give you an idea of what London has to offer.

This is part of our Travel in England series showcasing English culture, English foods, English cuisine and English people.

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    somerset, apsley houses, wimbledon for tennis fanatics, tate britain for british art, courtauld gallery, wallace collection, windsor castle day trip, salisbury canterbury cathedrals, stonehenge or avebury ancient ruins sites…..

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    That was like half an English breakfast lol

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    We know now how Americans are so "fat"

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    Hi hope this message reaches you, may I ask how long you were in London?Thank you

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    I’m moving to England in May and I’m excited

  14. Colchester Gallery says

    There is something REALLY SIGNIFICANT here, which you guys flicked over in passing. You elaborated upon every dingle meal that you ate, the gravy, the clotted cream, the cereal etc etc etc. But What DIDN'T you say? You omitted to say that London' major Museum are of World Renown, and that they are ALL FREE. You gave a very brief overview of the collecting area in each case, in a way that could not possibly excite anybody. You showed no photos of anything on display, in a way that could possibly exciet anybody. No-one, from YOUR DESCRIPTION would possibly want to go to see the Btish Museum (one of the greatest museums in the world). No-one from your description, would bother to see the Leonardo da Vinci or the van Goghs, at the National Gallery. No-one would realise that the costume collection at the V&A is superb and amazing. You flipped over these things as if they were of far less value than your meat pie. Yet these free museums are among the most amazing inheritance that we have, from the 19th century.

  15. Eric George says

    Just stay away, that would be my advice. The UK has way better to offer.

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    Great video. I'm a Londoner and I enjoyed watching it.

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    Finger sandwiches: Fingers should be eaten separately.

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    I've always wanted to visit England, I is beautiful some day I will. get there I want to not only go to London I want to visit all of England.Especially the great country sides. And thank you for this video.

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    The Tower Of London Is not a castle.

  20. Brad Thompson says

    Yes, most visitors believe the Tower Bridge is "London Bridge". The one in the song is long gone. It was replaced centuries ago and even the replacement was deconstructed a couple of decades ago, sold to an American corporation. It was then shipped in pieces to Northern Arizona and rebuilt. One of my favorite strolls is to cross over from the Tower and Docklands area and walk the South Bank all the way down to the London Eye. Keeping that tall wheel in site, you'd be hard-pressed to get lost. A more residential area. Some great individual screen shots here!

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    If you want to get off the beaten track get on the 176 bus outside the Garrick Theatre on Charing Cross Road – it'll have Penge on the front. Take the 176 out to Sydenham Hill and you're at the Horniman Museum. Free to get in but small charge for the Aquarium.

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    Born in London LIve in London will Die in London "I ADORE MY H0ME CITY OF LONDON"

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    I recently visited London for the first time and I can't wait to go back. It was a refreshing change that was much needed by my body & soul. walked a lot and ate some great food, weather was nice luckily and there is just so much history and old world charm. sigh!!

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    The current London bridge was opened in 1973

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    We can eat a English breakfast any time of day but that didn't look like a particular good breakfast take it from me I am British and have probably eaten hundreds of English breakfast maybe thousands

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    I’ve got two days in London before a tour of Germany in early June..I will be flying in and out of Heathrow. On the last night I will be seeing the Tina Turner musical.What area of town do you recommend I stay?

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  45. Techno Demic says

    What a hugely dull list. And what disgusting food they eat!Here is a better one -Eat at the Hare Krishna restaurant, Govinda's, in Soho – the best food in town.Visit the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.Wander round Harrods. Even if you don't buy anything, the food halls are impressive in their design.Have a drink at the bar at the Sanderson Hotel, with an interior devised by Philip Stark. Check out the hotel elevators, there!Go to a football match. Either Chelsea, Arsenal, or Tottenham stadia.Spend all day at Kew Gardens.Spend all day at the Tate Modern.Visit the basement at the Imperial War Museum, for the World War I trenches display.Have a raunchy night at Rio's.Walk to the summit of Primrose Hill.Go to the Chelsea Flower Show (in season).Walk down the Burlington Arcade to see the smartest (and most expensive!) shops in town.Lillywhites in Lower Regent Street is a great store for sporting goods and clothing.Covent Garden market for street entertainment and interesting shopping.Take in a concert at the Royal Opera House.Spend the day at the Wimbledon tennis tournament (in season).Visit the V & A.Check out the statue of Peter Pan, in Kensington gardens. Good for children.Yes – Queen Mary's Gardens for the outdoor evening theatre (in season).There are usually appealing exhibitions on at the Royal Academy, in Piccadilly..Drummond Street, Euston, for Asian food goodies.Savile Row, for dapper dressers.Try on some fancy dress at Angel's theatrical costumiers, in Shaftesbury Avenue.Portobello Road – agreed.London now has numerous comedy clubs. Check the reviews for the best new acts.Go window-shop the Bentleys in Owens of Berkeley Square, or the supercars in the dealer windows in park Lane.The Angel, Islington for Antique shops.Fortnum & Mason of Piccadilly for exclusive foodstuffs.Lebanese restaurants in London are usually pretty good. And Italian trattorias, for sure. Montpeliano's – i.e. – is recommended.Take a ride on the top floor of a double-decker bus.See the tombs of Britains' heroes in Westminster Abbey.Take tea at the Ritz Hotel, to learn how the other half live.Take care when choosing a theatre booking. There are great shows in town, but also very poor ones. Check the reviews in Time Out, or in the Theatre Guide magazine.See the Pre-Raphaelite collection, at the older Tate Museum.Visit the Wallace Collection, in Portman Square.Drive out to have lunch in a nearby riverside town, such as Maidenhead, or Bray.Burn down Parliament, in passing – unless they are fully-brexited.This isn't 50 suggestions, but nor are there 50 in the above clip.Best residential areas -South Ken.Chelsea.Fitzrovia.Euston.Notting HillPimlico.Fulham.Kingston.Maida Vale.Swiss Cottage.Hampstead.Bayswater.Not worth the time -The London DungeonThe Zoo.Madame Tussauds.The Planetarium.The London Eye.Speaker's Corner.The Hard Rock Cafe.Spearmint Rhino.The National Gallery (all figurative).The Science Museum (out of date).Stringfellows.The Natural History Museum (except for the whale room).Strip Clubs.

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    Chips and french fries are not the same things. Chips are cut differently.

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    Loved the video and LOVE LONDON!!! Just got back ourselves and did most of what ya'll did! I posted a video and have one whopping view!!! LMAO how the heck do I get people to see it? lol

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    Would have been better if you had shown some night life in London

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    at 21:05 Audrey said "a standard meat pie because it has only meat and no veggies" in my country a meat pie is suitable for vegans because only peas and occasionally a piece of carrot

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