505 Games Accidentally Gave Customers The Free Control Upgrade It Said Was Impossible To Give


505 Games has undermined its own argument that it simply couldn’t give existing Control owners a free upgrade for next-gen systems.

PS4 Control players noticed that Control Ultimate Edition was available to download rather than purchase – something 505 Games said couldn’t be done. Access to the upgrade without purchase has since been revoked.

Existing Control customers are expected to purchase Control Ultimate Edition if they want a next-gen version of the game. This is because 505 Games wants more money, but it simply couldn’t admit it. Instead, it told a lie that was stupid and discreditable to begin with, then couldn’t even keep that ruse going.

Classic “AAA” shenanigans!


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  1. Jansen Art says

    TBH, this is the first I've ever heard about 505 or Control. Haven't been a console guy for the past 12 years though.

  2. samboyaus says

    0:08 "I don't know if you remember butt control"Ah yes, those were the days.

  3. gallowsgradient says

    I'll buy it again… used or from the bargain bin.

  4. HarpoonLobotomy says

    This is entirely unfounded, but this type of accident is so specific I want to believe it's industrial espionage. I can see the movie adaptation already – 90's cliche hackers in a dark room, hacking into servers of videogame companies and forcing them to do something positive for the consumer.

  5. shannon sarcefield says

    AAA tactics from a B company, gaming is doomed.

  6. Danish Cannoli says

    Didn’t even finish the base version of the game. Not buying it again. Don’t even care

  7. Adam Bennett says

    Who gets blocked from a ‘free’ download?!

  8. Gokki says

    Imagine buying a new nvidia GPU and I have to repurchase the same games just to play on that. LOL

  9. john bumptybump says

    Hey Jim – They're gobshites too

  10. Blackball says

    looks alright. kinda Syphon Filter. what the hell was this b4 the upgrade?

  11. Warmaker01 says

    [Laughs in PC Master Race]

  12. courtney miller says

    Pfft, game is worth buying twice fucking why not !

  13. Chris Stewart says

    You should show support for BLM, I mean you’re a gay man after all I’m disappointed you haven’t spoken up. Recently Unsubscribed after years of watching you

  14. Richard Welsh says

    Sorry, if this wasn't an upgrade available to everyone, how do we know their original statement is false? It sounded like, based on your reading in this video, Jim, that they had an issue getting such an upgrade in every case of someone having purchased an equivalent set of content. I don't see a contradiction here.

  15. Firestorm Danger Dash says

    Why does this man sound like MoreConsole but with a deeper voice??

  16. Lebundon says

    I mean i still remember Lariant Studios just gave for free Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition for those who owned it.

  17. MooseKing says

    Hm. should have taken some notes from the Bioshock remaster release

  18. Gail Joe says

    Borderlands had an upgrade and update

  19. Adam P. says

    Well I don't buy AAA games hardly anymore. They have all turned into the same trash. It's a bore.

  20. Yassir Rossel says

    You are not giving the facts.

  21. OldTwitchVODs says

    Jim, it's scary how often you make videos about my ex gf.

  22. NeonKitty says

    To be fair, though, this would only work for people who own Control digitally. There'd be no way for them to upgrade disc versions.

  23. whoisgay says

    People have started to realize way too late that the industry is balls deep in their asses and elbow deep in their wallets.Too many idiots are ready to pay 60$ for a motion capture HiGh-EnD gRaPhIcS movie with shooting inbetween the scenes.

  24. Thezwolf says

    That's hysterical

  25. TheEDfromRED says

    We can put people on the Moon but it's impossible to offer free upgrades!?

  26. Maki Hashimoto says

    Amazing. And tragic. A good game but this is why people review bomb. And they should review bomb in these shitty anti consumer circumstances.

  27. Azuraeleth says

    Just a thought so don't take it as defence of 505 or Daedelic and more as a comment on business practices of EPIC games, which seems to be forgotten on all of these discussions.Maybe 505 had to say that the 'Control Ultimate Edition' is a new release and not at all the old now released again due to some sort of licensing agreement they signed with EPIC Games. It just could be that the blockers they were talking about are the players on PC side that bought Control on EPIC store are unable to receive the free upgrade due to said licensing agreement and thus they (505) are unable to provide free upgrade to ALL of the players of Control.

  28. Jay and Night ASMR says

    The first mistake was buying control to begin with lol

  29. CAMELOT331 says


  30. Snark Knight says

    I like to imagine it wasn't an accident and there's just a damn fine comrade working over there at 505.

  31. Mouzekiller83 says

    what should i say?…look at the wolfenstein games from bethesda. when you own the old (normal ) german cut version of the game,you have to buy the newly released "international"uncut version of the games AGAIN! even when they just could had patched that with an update. but no,you have to buy all the games…AGAIN!fuck modern gaming!

  32. Pat SG says

    "OOHHH! GODDAMMIT!", sais the PR guy seeing this news as he now needs to make the company look good…

  33. mjc0961 says

    I can't stop laughing at how 505 has absolutely destroyed their reputation over this utterly mediocre game. Control was absolutely not worth all this bad PR. It's a boring health bar shooter. Should have just give people a free upgrade like almost all the other companies, 505. Even Activision, who is raising their prices by $10 and expects you to pay that $10 difference to upgrade your $60 PS4/Xbox One copy to the $70 PS5/XSX copy, is being more reasonable because $10 to upgrade is less than $40 to upgrade.I mean just look how dull this game is. You either hold down the fire button until the health bar drains, or you pull a rock out of your ass and throw it for an insta-kill. That's all. Do that about 100 times and you get enough video footage for this 10 minute video. This wasn't worth it, 505. Should've just given the 5 people who like this game their free upgrade.

  34. Zero .Karma says

    They couldn't work out a way to give the upgrade to everyone, but were able to work out a way to sell it to everyone?

  35. FuranDuron says

    505s error 404

  36. Kum quat says

    Do you just have a habit of repeating yourself and having a hard time getting to the point of each subject?

  37. Gormathius Nightstrider says

    Corporations making absolute clowns out of themselves. That's my favourite thing.

  38. Sean w says

    Looks shit anyway

  39. SotCRules says

    So is nobody gonna point out that Justin misspelled "origami" twice in the newspaper at the end?Also, Justin, if that rollerskating girl you mentioned isn't Sofia Bogdanova you should check her out. The stuff she does is just insane.

  40. THA BADGUY619 says

    control is ok… but its not great or a game id really want to play more than once, but since theyre doing this next gen upgrade bullshit and sloppily, I just wont fk with them no more

  41. Matt Gould says

    Thank Evolution by means of Natural Selection for YOU!

  42. TheRealSimmonz says

    I was tempted to pick Control up from GOG as I never bought it originally at all but I can spend my money on games made by people with betetr attitudes. There are no shortage of games out there.

  43. 7SidedFilms says

    Well EA has influenced much of the video game business.

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