52 Luxury Car, Watch & Fashion Brand Names You're Mispronouncing – German, French, Italian…


How well do you know your favorite brands? Are you pronouncing them accordingly?

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00:00 Introduction

Learn how to pronounce French, German, and other sounding brands:
01:13 1. Audemars Piguet
01:23 2. Baume & Mercier
01:40 3. Balenciaga
01:49 4. Breguet
01:53 5. Chopard
01:59 6. Cartier
02:09 7. Chanel
02:27 8. Christian Dior
02:38 9. Comme Des Garçons
02:10. Dom Pérignon
03:00 11. Façonnable
03:05 12. Goyard
03:12 13. Gianfranco Ferré
03:32 14. Givenchy
03:40 15. Hermès
03:56 16. Hublot
04:13 17. Lanvin
04:23 18. L’Occitane
04:31 19. Longines
04:39 20. Longchamp
04:52 21. Louis Vuitton
05:00 22. Moet Et Chandon
05:24 23. Moncler
05:36 24. Miu Miu
05:47 25. Piaget
05:55 26. Stella Artois
06:00 27. Vacheron Constantin
06:21 28. Vilebrequin
06:26 29. Yves Saint Laurent
06:50 30. A. Lange & Sohne
07:08 31. Adidas
07:46 32. Breitling
08:02 33. Bayer BAY-Uh
08:27 34. Porsche
08:42 35. Hugo Boss hoo-go Boss
08:56 36. Mercedes Benz
10:32 37. Miele
10:37 38. Schwarzkopf
10:49 39. Tag Heuer
10:56 40. Volkswagen
11:46 41.Wüsthof & Zwilling J.A. Henckels
12:06 42. Alfa Romeo
12:30 43. Cerruti
12:37 44. Ermenegildo Zegna
12:54 45. Ferrari
13:05 46. Lamborghini
13:06 47. Loro Piana
13:24 48. Maserati
13:45 49. Moschino
13:05 50. Prada
14:00 51. Ralph Lauren
14:21 52. Vitale Barberis Canonico

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  1. Gentleman's Gazette says

    What are the brand names you hear others pronounce incorrectly?

  2. Hamza Hassanen says

    & Söhne, is ein umlaut.. ? Nobody gonna understand that

  3. Philipp Scholl says

    Moët wird Moett ausgesprochen, das "t" ist in diesem Fall nicht! stumm. Kann jeder Franzose und jedes Wörtbuch bestätigen…

  4. TubeShotsHD says

    KmartAmerican: kh-Marte

  5. Annah Jones says

    Please bring more.

  6. Deb NKY says

    What's the video for Dom Perignon? It's too fast, I can't see it

  7. Haris Handoko says

    Ok I feel thristy now,

  8. Marco van den Hout says

    IKEA. Not I-key-ya, more like ee-kaya. It's a Scandinavian design and luxury furniture brand from Sweden 😉

  9. Cookie Fortuna says

    Столичная not “stoh-lee”.

  10. S. Park says


  11. Proli says

    Being fluent in German, English and French really does have its benefits.

  12. Manuel Velásquez says

    Its moskino not moshino

  13. Wael Abbadi says

    Isn't Moschino 'moski no'?

  14. Die Bewerterin says

    Are u a French native speaker? U can pronounce French, German, Spanish, Italian but also english all so perfect

  15. G1G3L says

    Pooshe?Yeah. Now wonder why Porche made a video on how to pronounce nameEdit: actually, just leave the car brand prononciation to people who actually know how to pronounce it. Pfff. Alfa Romayo

  16. andrew anamuthu says

    Why they just not arrange the alphabet aspronunciation….

  17. soufiane B.S says

    if i ever tried to pronounce them correctly ppl would laugh at me i guess bc its not usual

  18. Tzar Ian says

    What about Jacquemus?

  19. Jahnavi Jampula says

    Just figured out that Blair Waldorf and whoever says Cartier on gossip girl pronounced it wrong xD

  20. F_ M_ says

    It Is not "mos-chino", but "mos-kino"

  21. Joe Mama says

    This video should be called “how to get kicked out of the hood” or the farm. ?

  22. Lampião Verde says

    Priest's comme der garçon

  23. Dogra Ishan says

    so this is a channel about grown wankers pretending to be elitist

  24. Klara P says

    als er chanel ausgesprochen hat, war ich mi sicher, dass er Deutscher ist

  25. Marco DM says

    You made a few mistakes:1. “Marcedes” is not pronounced “MERCEDÈS” in Spanish, but “MERCÉDES” (those are both tonal and stress accents)2. Cerruti has two R, so you need to put a bit more R, for longer time, in the video you pronounce it as if it were written “Ceruti”3. Ermenegildo: the “g” must not be pronounced the French way, it is pronounced as the J in Jamaica.4. “Moschino” you Made the whole Italy facepalm! It is pronounced “moskino”

  26. Ricci Choi says

    2:38 A little trivia: Although Comme des Garçons is pronounced in French, it’s actually a Japanese fashion brand ?

  27. A Guy says

    It's not moscino, it's Moschino – strong "c"

  28. Daniel Franklin says

    11. I thought it was "fa-so-NAH-bruh"

  29. Zachary Moore says

    French class taught me well

  30. Amy Lee says

    Who cares how these snobby too darned expensive brands are pronounced?? Pronounce them however you like. If you're American it makes sense to pronounce them American way. Hate snobby people.

  31. Max Apollo says

    No I'm not

  32. minastronasse says

    Bluffing pronunciation of french brands. Bien joué, mister !

  33. MikeDF2020 says

    when he says peasant that's it right there best word ever

  34. Natalia Lajtosova says

    When Americans say Naikee not Nike

  35. Dezireh Batler says

    Thank you very much…correcting my awful pronunciation

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