This is an amazing run, live play on this slot machine game called Sun and Moon. We land a total of 55 free games at the Tampa Hard Rock Casino in the HIGH LIMIT room sometimes known as the high roller room.

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  1. Grassy The Warrior says

    Nice wins, wow First time heard that lady luck wants to keep play. Lol

  2. Jared Lostetter says


  3. XYvng.Ch3Etahx says

    I love that game

  4. Matt Wylly. says

    Great video

  5. Mario Ramirez says

    Your content has been getting better, I really enjoy your videos. Good luck in the future.

  6. Robert Gordon says

    I love when you and hubby do the fist bump 😍 fantastic video

  7. john arcillas says

    Hi lady luck Fran….this game will nickel and dime you to no end. I play this 1cent game with all wilds and its hard to win too. Great win and playing together…byyeee Johnny from Chicago

  8. Teresa Miller says

    You guys are great I love watching your YouTube channel but I'm just going to say it I hate this game it's just too confusing please stick to the everybody seems to really love like Cleopatra Dragon links things such as that that's what I like personally but I know y'all play other other games but this one no it's I cut it off Midway through

  9. Angelo Christopher Martirez says

    beauty, old slots are still the good slots..😄

  10. Amu Ongosia says

    What is this machine? Far out! Knock back a few years🤣 it sssllllooowww🤣🤣, 😴😴😴

  11. bob dales says

    You better keep winning. If not, she'll find another sugar daddy.

  12. Shhh Slots says

    That is one of my VERY VERY favorite games! Back when I was a tiny baby degenerate I got my first handpay on it. It was penny denom and I was betting 50 cents. I triggered 50 free games twice plus a few smaller retriggers. I won over $1400. Not bad for a 50 cent bet! You had such a great run on it! So much love and luck from AZ!

  13. Nelson chavarria says

    Good luck 👍

  14. Roy Engelhardt says

    That cough doesn't sound good Mr. Luck.

  15. David Kendrick says

    6:00 I wish some of these people would have a heart attack and die so I don't have to go through the effort of hating them.10:07 ProTip: If you can see the sun and moon in the sky at the same time, something very bad has happened and you should just kiss your butt goodbye right there.

  16. Roy Engelhardt says

    Mrs. Luck do ever get bored of all these hand pays? The blue guy and the red guy aka moon and sun.

  17. Dave Kimmet says

    congratulations you guys dave

  18. Bobby Madera says


  19. Hxneyluv ii says

    wanna give up? lady luck asked.. the hubby says no no no no… lol

  20. wide awake1 says

    I played this game all the time. You blew it. When you see four balls more than five times and a games you will hit 50 games for sure. Left too soon. Good luck guys

  21. Justin Thomas Dronemaster Scratchers JT says

    Hell of a trigger. That’s what she said lol I’ve never played this game. But it’s got potential forsure

  22. Dorojan Petrica says

    Yuhu. Kiss my girl. Are you ok?

  23. миле / mile says

    Can you teach me how to win in casino 🥺

  24. sergio lugo says

    Keep winning my super star 🌟 ✨ And I wanna to thank you for taking the time to respond all the comments not many super star do that thank you and keep winning 😍😘😘

  25. John Anderson says

    " You wanted to get off"……Thats what she said. Hahaha

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