6 Things W Learnt From SHEFFIELD UNITED 3-0 CHELSEA. Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea in the Premier League in one of Frank Lampard’s Chelsea FC worst performances of the season. Sheffield United vs Chelsea (3-0) with goals from David McGoldrick and Oli McBurnie. Chelsea were saved by ex Chelsea FC player Dominic Solanke as Bournemouth beat Leicester 4-1 to keep the Top 4 in Chelsea’s hands still! Let me know the 6 Things You Learnt from Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea FC.

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Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea in the Premier League. Sheffield United’s remarkable Premier League season continues as they dismantle Chelsea Football Club at Brammall Lane. Goalscorers were David McGoldrink and Oli McBurnie.

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  1. Paddy Collins says

    This man should have at least a million subscribers love every single video keep it up George ?

  2. Red panda Represent says

    I'm sure W learnt a lot.. he's a quick learner

  3. aryor oladele says

    Jorginho needed a red box too

  4. John Conlon says

    Sheff utd have john egan……….the end

  5. Deerbra says

    Kepa is not good enough. Good, but not good enough to play for any team looking to win silverware. Let's all just please accept this fact and move on.

  6. oLogical YT says

    Did u get fat mate? Last weeks vid ur jawline was on point

  7. Peng Gabsiel says

    6 things w learnt?

  8. peter tyson says

    Lamps changed formation about 4 times. Knew we might lose. Utd home record was 10 times better then our away. But i didn't knew we were abount to lose 3-0. Of course I have hope that we might win. Worst performance this season. Definitely. And I couldn't believe Leicester lost and man Utd drew. 5 teams are going for 3rd place. Mathematically. 3 games left. Cfc like to make ther fans suffer. Nearly every season. . Good show ?.?

  9. Shady Nation says

    Ross was horrible stats is cool but impact is what matters……LAMPARD DECISIONS WAS HORRIBLE

  10. Iliyan Ivanov says

    Jorginho and Tammy deserved their own red boxes

  11. Johnnybgood 11 says

    Chelsea should strongly consider Weston McKennie from Schalke. He is a versatile midfielder who can also play as a centerback, is only 21 and has been a key player for them for the last few seasons.

  12. Sam Mathew says

    kepa looks like tier 4 keeper..

  13. Julio Iglesia Edwards says

    frank make, huge mistake in attacking , abraham is not doing a good job….. and chelsea donot know how to play under preasure… in defense mode….. ( Rudiger, zouma, christian, mount, abraham and frank lampard

  14. bird man says

    Big up George! ??I went into mourning after the lost tbh I was only revived by the lost of Leicester and the Man u draw. Smh COYB! ?????

  15. Ishimwe Sabin says

    I really believe players like Ben mee willy boly ruben dias would be a huge upgrade at Cb not necessary a big name for a huge a mount you can get two quality for like 50mil

  16. Owen says

    Is the title meant to say '6 things W learnt?' ??

  17. Shikar Sham says

    The Ali-a of football reviews

  18. Stefan blue says

    I think ampadu deserves a chance he looks solid and a natural leader.

  19. Ishmael Noye says

    We played badly No chances created. ButI love CHELSEA .

  20. Edhi Prabowo says

    chelsea should buy donnaruma and romagnoli, the italian have a great defense

  21. Mubtasim Monzur says

    Put tammy in a dark red box

  22. Andrew Smith says

    Just play Giroud until he drops, he'll score and aggravate defences. Tammy will do this consistently, one day for the Chels, but today he lacks experience

  23. David says

    We should go for Lewis Dunk. He's experienced and commanding presence and brings leadership. Similar to how we poached chill from Bolton.

  24. Pherix Chibale says

    Thanks George, I hope one of Chelsea's player has subscribed to your channel coz this your channel really helps. You always on point. And the fact that you always try by all means to give our players the special confident in order to improve or keep up the good work they're doing, It can be so helpful to all the Chelsea players. You give them support they need and if you criticize on one, two or all the players its because he or they deserve it….. Lampard should subscribe to this channel so that he can be playing your point of fact to his players and hear our views coz its important ka….thanks George

  25. Jimmy james Computers says

    serves him right

  26. Samir Mohammed says

    No guys ??

  27. Ny88 Gaming says

    George Benson why don’t you do a podcast with Yan Football Therapy about Chelsea.

  28. Mikaiyel Miah says

    We are missing Kante soo much.

  29. Mikaiyel Miah says

    Why does Zouma always gets the blame for the other shitty CB fault. This happens always the time.

  30. vincent yung says

    somehow we still manage to cling on to 3rd… but christ we need to go back to winning

  31. Sahla. HDP says

    Their defenders are actually better than ours…

  32. Awesome says

    The game vs Sheffield mightve been the worst performance this season

  33. Shraavan Prahlad says

    Obafemi, what a legend.Still in third!

  34. Zenn Labs says

    Soccer Gods on Chelsea's side ? Shout out to AFC Bournsmouth and Southampton

  35. Parth Ghotekar says

    Thank god Man U dropped points against Southampton.

  36. Ahmad AlKhawari says

    Red box for Lampard!!!

  37. andrew calvo says

    Kepa just shouldn’t be in goal. Like ever again!!!

  38. Ryder Lowery says

    Praying Frank can get some proven premiere players. Tired of all the hyped up unproven academy players. Can you see any other top team starting a bunch of unproven players? I hope to see 9 new players for next season. Lacking quality, simple as that.

  39. Liak Wilkinson says

    433 or 4231 Onana Azpi Zouma Upamencano Tagliafico Havertz Kante Kovacic Ziyech Werner Pulisic PS i dont blame zouma for the 3-0. Christensen and rudiger to blame

  40. J A says

    Hands off Bashambauer, O'Connellvaro, Baldini….and um…Stevenzinho and Eganario

  41. Sname Shrestha says

    Why Chelsea are not playing 4 2 3 1?

  42. Abhijit Saha says

    i think (and is very radical and kinda nonsense), but START BATSHUAYI man, we need to score goals CURRENTLY, batshuayi hasn't failed to deliver. Abraham's work rate is shit, he just waits in the box and does nothing. We need a GOOD striker CURRENTLY other than Giroud.

  43. Albert Danquah says

    Lampard is our major problem. With all due respect Lampard is favouring Tammy Abraham probably because he's English. Not only him, currently it's so obvious that Pulisic is our best player but Lampard keeps substituting him even when is obvious that Mount is not performing

  44. James Arnaldo says

    Tammy was the worst player on the pitch

  45. Medo Music says

    Mason mount played worse than a cow on the field???

  46. Paul Mclean says

    Kepa couldn't save any of the 3 goalHe may a brilliant initial save before the first (btw it was deflected) cut him some slack,it was astonishing that he saved it in the first placeChristienson lost his man for the 2ndAnd Rudiger assist mcgoldridge for the 3rdKepa did ntn wrongI'm sick of the agendaYes his save percentage isnt greatBut the defence has thrown him down the river this seasonAllot of goals we conceed is set piecesAnd that's down to positioning for the most partKepa needs a defenceBecause if we replace him and keep this defenceIt will be the same result

  47. Yupp Dupp says

    BreakingLeicester Lost and Man u drew in the last minute which means chelsea are still ThirdCome ON GBFC

  48. Caplocc says

    W learnt a lot about this game

  49. Sandla Manyelana says

    Screw every defender on our team we need new defenders

  50. Michael Kale says

    George! It took a deflection Mann! My god! for kepa to even save that ball at the last minute was a shooker, and the pace of the deflection was so low that to par that ball to a not so dangerous area was a lot to ask Mann! Really he hasn’t been fantastic all season but it looks like every game now it’s kepa this kepa that, when the defense aren’t doing their job!

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